Can We Change the Time and Mind of God?

What can we learn from bible verses about friendship with God.

James Greer
Jan 6, 2019    34m
In this sermon Pastor James Greer begins a series about learning how to pray. In this sermon he explains how prayer can help you build a closer relationship with God. He preaches from bible verses about friendship with God. He explains we can move from serving God, to being friends with him. He also explains that God wanted a close intimate relationship with us, one that is similar to our relationship with our spouse. Video recorded at Pineville, Louisiana.


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James Greer: 00:00 Amen, let's hear it for Lindsey, but let's also hear it for Journey Church. I'm so proud of our church that you know, we love everybody and everybody's welcome, and we let God do the transformation. And see what happens is if we don't love them, they can't come in the church to be transformed in their lives. So I appreciate that story, and I appreciate how God changes lives. By the way, anybody that's going to be deployed in the next few months, I wish you'd write your name down, put it on the end of your tear off, and start dropping it in there. I'd like to have a list this year of everybody this going to deploy. Hey, I hope you signed up for Be the Church online, if you didn't, you can do that today. We had like 260 people I think already signed up, I'm loving it, I read every one of them. And man, it really tells you who we are in Christ about conflict, crisis, EQ, and rejection. So I really want you to encourage you to do that.

James Greer: 00:50 Man, we're starting a brand new series today, it's called 40 Days of Prayer. But what I'm going to be preaching on today, prayer, I want you to know, you ready? Prayer, number one, it can prolong your physical life. I hope to get to that in a few Sundays where King Hezekiah was going to die, and they prayed, and the prophet intercedes, and gave him extra years. You can learn over in James chapter five that sometimes God says, we confess our sins and forsake them, and extends our life. So prayer can actually prolong your physical life. Amen? Hey, guess what? Prayer can help your sexual life if you're married and all the men said, Amen. I'm worried about you guys. Well, how about everybody in the church? Men and women? Everybody said, Amen. Prayer can help set the captives free, and dude, if there's ever been a time in history where we need people to be set free from the captivity of bondage and habits and hangups, it's now. And through prayer, we can help them be set free.

James Greer: 01:57 That's why we're not going to just simply talk about it. We're not going to simply try to pray. We're going to learn how to pray. Amen. Did you all get a little, in your bulletin, did you all get one of these? Good, we're going to talk about that in a minute. You know, you need to put your name, and your phone number on there. I've already started making a list of some of the people that I want to pray for, and we're going to pray for them with you. So at the end, you know there'll be ushers in the back, and you can drop them off in there. So I want to really encourage everybody put their name, and the people that are going to pray for. I would encourage you one of those, try not to be your family, outside your physical family that you're praying for. Because when you start thinking about the, the prayers that you know, the [inaudible] prayer, you pray for your family, your future, your finances, and your health, and your faith. But even when the disciples were with Jesus. In Luke chapter 11, verse one, it says this, "Now it came to pass as he (Jesus) was praying in a certain place, his disciple said, Lord, teach us the pray." You notice they didn't say, we're going to try to pray, it said, teach us to pray.

James Greer: 03:06 This whole year, one of the things we want to do, we want you to focus more on training than just trying. Amen? And Jesus says, sure, I'll teach you how. And basically he said, when you pray, our father in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in... As it is where? In heaven. See, God, it's God's will for us to pray, and to pray that God's kingdom here on earth is advancing. That's one of the purposes of prayer, to advance God's kingdom here on earth. Every time someone that was far from God, comes close to God like Lindsey, you're advancing God's kingdom. Amen. That's what we're to pray for. Some of the most powerful and effective prayers that you will ever pray, is praying God's Word, and God's promises back to God.

James Greer: 03:51 And Second Peter 3:9 says, "God is not slack concerning his promises. You know he's longsuffering. He's not willing that any would perish, but all would come to repentance." So does God want people to repent and come to know him? Amen. So you can start praying with confidence. You can pray it back to him. And if you look earlier in Second Peter 3:8, it says, you know, it says, "A day is like a thousand years with God, and a thousand years is just like one day." What I want to do it, because later on I'm going to be talking about the timing of God, the will of God, and the mind of God, but right now I want you to know that God is not moved by time. Time is moved by God. In other words, we're the ones that time affects. A thousand years is like one day with God, he's not worried about is this going to happen tomorrow, is that going to happen. No, no, that's us. So the Lord is not, he's not slow about his promise, as as people think. No, he's patient with us. He doesn't want anyone to be destroyed, or to go to hell, or to perish. He wants everybody to come into repentance. Amen. So you start thinking, who is far from God that God lays upon my heart, that I'd like to see them come close to God. Who can I co-labor with God, to bring those far from God, close to God? There is a story in Genesis where Jacob, God had sent an angel, and he wrestled with the angel and he finally said, I'm not going to let you go until you bless me. That's what we're going to do in prayer. We're going to say, God, we're going to wrestle with you until you bless us, until you answer our prayer. So it's going to be fantastic.

James Greer: 05:32 In Luke chapter four, verse 18, I really think is for me and you today. I think it's the allocated authority that God gives to Christians. It said, "The spirit of the Lord is upon me." When you're filled with the power and presence of God, he says, you have anointed me, God. When you get saved, can I tell you something? You ready? You're anointed and appointed, that you get saved, you're anointed and appointed. And anointed and appointed. Guess what, you ready? To preach the Gospel to the poor. Anybody that doesn't know the Gospel, the good news of death, burial and resurrection, that God mends broken relationship, they're poor. That's part of our job. Okay? To heal the brokenhearted. Tony, you here? Tony will heal a broken heart. We need to pray, praying for Janet's sister who lost her son, amen. I mean, we need to pray, her heart is broken. We need to say, hey, that's part of our church's job Journey church, is to intercede and pray for Janet. Pray for her family, pray for her sister who just lost her son, because she is broken hearted, and part of prayer helps heal that. It never goes away, it helps you get through that.

James Greer: 06:34 It's to proclaim liberty to the captives. Let me tell you what. We've got a lot of people in the captivity. Amen? I mean, they're in all kinds of captivity, some of us eating, some of us drinking, some of us drug, some of us just bad habits. But God said, I want to liberate those that are in captivity. I mean, one of my goals this year is not just to try to get in better health, I need it, I'm going to train to get in better health. And so what God wants to do today, he wants to set the captives free. Then recover the sight to the blind, and set liberty to those who are oppressed. We've talked on oppression last Sunday, if you didn't learn what oppression is, go back and get that or watching online.

James Greer: 07:10 Okay, and to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord. That is lovely. This is our year, God says, this is acceptable year for healing. Maybe emotional, maybe relationship, this is the year to set the captives free. This is the year for you to understand, and be free from oppression. Did you know what the amplified version said? Listen to this, Luke 4:19, "To proclaim the acceptable year, an acceptable year for the Lord." Listen to this, you ready? The day when, salvation can mean saved going to heaven, could be free made whole...and the free favors of God abound. See, when the acceptable year is here, you're going to learn about having favor from God today. And in Luke chapter four, it said, listen, when the years acceptable. Which is now, this year is going to be our acceptable year. He says, man, we want God's favors to abound. And God says, I want them to abound.

James Greer: 08:10 So let me ask you a question. Can you change the timing of God, the mind of God and the will of God? I think you can change the timing of God, I think you can change the mind of God, I don't think you can change the will of God. So the answer is yes and no. In Exodus chapter 32:14 in case I don't get there, Moses interceded for these people, and then the Lord said he changed his mind. He was going to destroy them. And their prayer, and he interceded, and God changed his mind. And yes, so I believe we can change the timing of God, just like the children of Israel. They wandered in the wilderness for 40 years. Yes or no? They did. God had told him 40 years earlier, they could go into the promised land, but God's purpose, his will, was still accomplished. They did finally go, but he left the timing up to them, and up to us. See, God has promises, that he's already promised to us. It's God's will, but he leaves the timing up to us.

James Greer: 09:07 So number one, you ready? All that's the introduction. Isn't going to be a great day? Amen. I mean, God's going to rock the house. See, one of the main purposes of prayer is getting our agenda lined up with God's agenda, so that we bring some heaven down to Earth. See, it could be that more of God's will is not being done, because we're not doing God's purpose through prayer and interceding, and then the action it takes. James 4:2, says, "You have not, because you ask not." So we're going to start asking God, and let's ask God for big answered prayers. Amen? God created us to have a relationship with him, to have fellowship with him, to co-labor with him. The Bible says in Matthew 6:18-19, it says, "And I also say to you, (He's talking to Peter.) he said, upon this rock, I'll build my church." The rock, by the way, is really Jesus Christ. "I'll build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." Listen man, God says, I want you to know, you've got the power. Amen? He said, the gates of hell cannot prevail against his church. By the way, we're the church. Amen? And he said, look, I'm going to give you the keys to the Kingdom of heaven. God said, if you'll learn and you'll listen, it's so important, God says, I got some keys, you can unlock the doors of heaven and pour out the blessings on your life. Is that cool? Man, you all need to wake up, this is good stuff. Amen? I can amen myself, no problem. He said, I'm going to give you the keys. Get, can you believe God said that? I'm giving you the keys to heaven. God said, I want your will to be done on earth, as it is in heaven. God says, I'm giving you the keys to open up the doors to heaven. Whatsoever you bind on Earth, shall be bound in heaven. Whatsoever you loose on earth, shall be loosened in heaven. See, God wants us to pray, and learned to unlocked the doors of heaven, where we can have answered prayer and the blessings of God. Could it be that we don't open the doors, and defeat the hell, because we don't intercede and we don't pray like God wants us to? God is already settled in heaven, our answered prayer, he's already settled it. He said, listen, I want thy kingdom come on earth, as it is in heaven. God did his part already. You ready? God already sent his son. Amen? Then he sent the Holy Spirit to live in us, so that we could co-labor with God, and have his will done on earth as it is in heaven. See, we're a mighty part of that. Prayer is getting what God has already settled in heaven, to come down to Earth.

James Greer: 11:44 You all ready? This is so important. Psalms 31:19 and it says, "How great is the goodness?" By the way, God is good. Amen. How great is the goodness you have stored up. God said, listen, my goodness is great, I've got it stored up for those who fear me, who reverence me, who honor me. By the way, I'm not preaching on this, but Proverbs 3:9, it says, "We need to start out the new year honoring God with the first fruits of our life." If you want to make a new year's commitment, say, hey God, I'm going to tithe this year, the first 10th of everything I make. Then he says, your barns will be full. See, I want you not only have physical blessings this year, I want you to have financial blessing, and if you don't tithe your under his financial curse. Amen. Now that doesn't have anything to it, okay? He said, I want to lavish on you, I want to pour out on those who come to me for protection, blessing them before a watching world. Listen, you ought to write psalm 31:19 down, and you ought to start reading it, because it says God is so good. He said, God in heaven, it's like I've got this big storehouse in heaven, and it has my name on it. It has James W. Greer, Senior, and it's got my name on it. He said, listen, I'm waiting for you, I'm waiting for you to get right for God. I'm waiting for you to intercede. I'm waiting for you to pray. And I want to just pour out blessings on you before a watching world. They want to look at you and somebody says, something's got to be going on in your life, and they'll say, hey, God's got to be blessing that person. God wants to bless you, where you can be a blessing. Amen?

James Greer: 13:09 Okay, alright, God has blessings with unanswered prayer, just waiting on us. God, he already has the blessing, he's just waiting and listening, ask for them. Man, we need to ask for big one. First Peter 4:8 says this, "Now above all things, have fervent love, one for another." Why? Love covers a multitude of sin. Can I tell you something about every marriage relationship in here? When you connect with your mate, right, and you have the right love connection, and you have the right friendship connection, the problems won't be that big. But when you don't have the right connection, and you don't have the right love, than a little problem ends up being a major problem. So number two, I want you to know answered prayers are all about a relationship and connection with God. Answered Prayer are all about a relationship and the right connection with God. I believe answered prayers have a lot to do with our relationship and connection with God. You Ready? John 15:15-16, you ready? Jesus speaking, he said, "No longer do I call you servants." Man, I want you all to get that, because there's a lot of people that come to church all their life, and they still think they're just servants, slaves. For the servant, they don't even know what the masters doing. "I'm going to call you a friend." What does God say he wants to call us now? A friend. John 15:50, he says, "You're no longer a servant, I'm going to call you a friend." You know, for the things that I heard from my father, I've made known to you. You didn't choose me, I chose you. You may not know it, but God has wooed you, and he chose you, and he appointed, and he anointed you, you just answered the calling. God had already called you. But listen to this, "You didn't choose me. I chose you." But then he says, what I chose you for, what I called you for, your purpose after you're saved. He said, and I appointed you. There's that word he appointed, and he anointed you, to do what? That you should bear fruit. Isn't that great? That God said, I called you, you're no longer a servant, you're my friend. And one of the things I've done now, I've appointed you, I've anointed you, I've given you the delegated authority that you should go and bear fruit. How do you bear fruit? Well, let me tell you one thing. Those people far from God, when they come close to God were bearing fruit. Amen?

James Greer: 15:31 I'm going to tell you, you need to be writing three people's names down, and on that it teaches you how to pray for them. You need to carry with you, you need to intercede, you need to pray for them. See, we're not going to go and try to pray, we're going to teach you how to pray for those that are far from God. God said, listen, I want you to bear fruit. Journey Church, God wants everybody in here to do what? Bear fruit. What does he want you to do? Bear fruit, two types of fruit. He wants you to be instrumental in leading other people to Jesus Christ and further his kingdom, and he wants you to have the Galatians, the fruit of the spirit, which is love and joy and peace and long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, temperance, against such there is no law. When you get saved, he deposits all that is in us. When we need love, when we need joy, when we need patience, God has already deposited, all we've got to do is learn how to get it out. Ooh, James, this is good. Amen? And then it says that your fruit may remain. He wants it to continue. Then he says, you ready? Whatever you ask the Father in my name, I'm and to give it to you. Now, say you've changed your alignment, now your agenda's lined up with God's agenda. You know God wants people that are far from God to go close to God, and so God now we're praying, and you said whatever we asked them to come. See, God wants us to be fruitful. He wants other people to come to know Jesus Christ. He wants you to have love and joy and peace, and God said, if you would understand it, I've already sent my son, I sent the Holy Spirit. When I sent the Holy Spirit, I deposited that in your life.

James Greer: 17:03 Okay? You know what though, you can ask a friend, if you've got a friend, you've got the right kind of friend, you can ask them for favors. God said, you're no longer a servant, you are my what? Friend. A service job is not that much, a service job you simply obey the master. A friend, he can come and ask for favors, and he can get them because they have a friendship relationship. See, a servant is attached to the master to carry out the masters command. I don't know, but Harry, I bet you when you're in the military and your commander tells you to do something, you just go do it. Yes or no? Do you start telling him why you don't want to do it, and you might want to do it, let's talk about why we don't do it? Or if he tells you to go do it, what do you do? You go do it. That's the part of the servant, that's why you're in there, you're to carry out what they tell you to do. They don't care if you'd like it or don't like it, it's not a matter, you do it. That's your calling, that's what you do. But a friend, a friend, they can ask for favors. And see, they're not just doing that, a servant, they can't ask why and what's going on and why are you doing that? You're just to obey without question. The word servant is primarily a position that you're in, you're under the position of somebody else. God does not want us, you ready? God doesn't want us just to serving him at a position, he wants us to serve him as a person. Big difference, difference between a servant and a friend is perception, and position. A friend knows why and why what the master's will is. A friend, you can ask him questions, and ask him favors. See, I grew up in church, you never asked God a question. You didn't believe God could change his mind, you didn't believe you could change the timing of God, when you're upset, you never asked God why? There's only one problem, when you read the Bible, and you read the Psalm, and you read Job, they're just pouring out their heart to God. They say, God, why is this happening to me? Now at the end, they start praising God, because he asked. But see, because they had a friendship relationship with God. The question is this, this could change your life. Are you serving God out of the friendship relationship you have with him? Or are you serving God as a servant in the position that you have? I believe both are saved. One has the privilege of a friendship, one lives out a servant relationship. Both can be saved, both can have a relationship with God. One has a friendship that enjoys it more than the other.

James Greer: 19:41 See, I believe. Number three, I believe marriage is all about a relationship, and a connection. Just like it is with God. See your answered prayers are about love, and the connection with God. Amen. It's about a friendship relationship. Your marriage really is all about a friendship, love relationship, and the connection. What is marriage about? It's about a friendship love, which is a relationship that leads to a connection. When you love one another, love covers a multitude of sin. See, is your a marriage a friendship love relationship, or is it a servant relationship? See, are you married and connected because God word tells you to, because the law says to, and it does tell us to do this. Or are you married and connected because you have a love friendship relationship. Do you see how this can change your relationship? The answer is, amen, thank you. A love and friendship relationship focuses on what you can do for the other person. See, true love is you give. God so loved the world he what? He gave. I mean, it's all about giving and meeting the other person's needs. In love and friendship relationship, they can ask each other for favors, if you know what I mean. But a love friendship relationship, it's not simply, listen, you're simply together because of the law, or God's Word says you're married, though it does. Your together because you want to be married. Let me

James Greer: 20:56 Let me teach you a verse that every man knows, they don't know any other verse, they know. This one is called Ephesians 5:22, "Wives submit to your own husband." Every man knows that. I mean, as unto the Lord. I mean, yeah, oh yeah. that really makes your wife want to follow you doesn't it. Let me tell you guys go home, and you just tell, wife you submit to me as I am the Lord, because God's word says so. And see what kind of loving relationship you have. And husbands, you're the head of the wife, as Christ, is the head of the church. Well, what did God do for the church? He gave his life. And he is the savior of the body. It goes on to say, therefore, just as the church is subject to Christ, let the wives be subject to their own husband in everything. Husbands, love your wives just as Christ loved the church, and gave himself for it. See, really and truly, it's all about the way you look at this verse it's all about the way you perceive this verse. Wife, if you feel like you have to submit to your husband because the Bible says so, and he tells you to, you're going to rebel. Man, we got a lot of wives rebelling. Amen. And if you quote that scripture in the middle of rebellion, you just looking for more trouble. But if you perceive it different, as wanting to be with your husband, and you wanting to do everything you can do to cause your husband to be a success, because you have a loving relationship it's different. And see what I really believe when it says wives submit to your husband, I believe that means listen, have such a connection, have such a loving relationship with your husband, you want to do anything you can do to help him be a successful husband. Same thing with you, if you're just trying to love your wife out of obedience to God, that's good, because love is patient, love is kind, love is...If you do enough of that, the feelings come. But let me tell you what, love is more of an action than it is an emotion. Your emotion will get you in trouble, love is a choice. Alright, so husband, if you start loving your wife out of a friendship and a connection with her, nothing can stop your love.

James Greer: 22:58 See, I believe marriage, just like God relationships, it's about relationships and it's about connection. First, marriage is all about a friendship, love, relationship that's connected. What is marriage about? It's about a friendship, love relationship that ends up with connection. Second of all, I think marriage is all about a physical friendship, even a sexual relationship, that brings connection. The right sexual relationship, if you're married, if you're in here and you're not married, this doesn't apply to you. Amen. But if you have the right sexual relationship, it helps you connect to your mate. Amen? Alright, and Ephesians 5 says, "For this reason, a man shall leave his father and mother and joined to his wife, the two shall become one." When you become one flesh is a sexual, emotional, physical, and spiritual oneness. The other person has to give up, the other one has to give up. You've got to be together, you got to learn to quit being so selfish, and then eventually you come together as one. It's a great mystery, the Bible says, but I'm really speaking concerning Christ and the church. God says, I want your marriage to be in such a relationship, a loving relationship that's connected, when people see you they say, that's what it's supposed to be like to be a Christian. See it's a great mystery that God loves us. He loves us emotionally, he loves us spiritually, and he wants us to have a relationship. It goes on and says, nevertheless, let you so love your own husband and your wife, and respect them. See, marriage is about love and respect. Marriage is about a physical friendship, sexual relationship, that connects. Amen. Let's prove it right. First Corinthians, chapter seven, verse three, "Husbands and wives, you should be fair with each other about having sex." I don't know if you know it, but the Bible talks about sex all the time. I mean sex, within the right commitment of God, is great. Amen? Trey, did you know that sex is great if you're married? Precious Jesus, thank you. Huh? I know your parents are there, it's okay, Art likes it too. Sorry Deb, sorry Trey. Let's get back before I get in trouble. I've got to be careful, Deb does the worship there [inaudible]. Okay, you ready? Let's get serious, that is serious. First Corinthians 7:3 it says, "Husbands and wives, you should be fair with each other about having sex. A wife belongs to her husband instead of herself, and a husband belongs to his wife instead." Listen, no sex is a sin. Bet you never heard that in church, I heard all of my life it was, but it's not. No sex is a sin, if you're connected, if you're married, amen. This is for married people, so therefore don't refuse sex to each other, unless you agree for a time to come apart for fasting and praying. Now this is what happens guys, your wife has never fasted and prayed like she does after this service. Hey honey, can we connect? I'm praying. I know, I'm going to be in trouble, she's not in here this service. Why? That Satan won't be able to tempt you because of your lack of self-control. See, a loving relationship, that's connected sexually, it's not about you. When you really love somebody and you have the right friendship, loving connection, it's to meet the other person's need. God loved you so much he gave his son, it was all about giving. But when you really, really ever get the concept of how much God loves us, he loved us first, and then we love him. That's what it's about. When we have this friendship, loving, relationship, if you're married, you're ready? You can then ask for favors.

James Greer: 26:49 Fourth, I want you to see the difference, we've got to rock, I only have five minutes. I want you to see the difference a friendship connection relationship can make in your prayer life with God. In the right cases, it might even change the timing of God. In Exodus, Moses had a relationship, he had a connection with God. They talk to each other, they walked together, he gave him the commandments, they connected. So in Exodus chapter 32:7, they had delivered the children from bondage, and Moses goes up to be with God. And the Lord said to Moses, hurry up back down there, those people you lead out Asia. You notice when God's ticked off, it's Moses's people. He says, you know those people you led out of Egypt, they're acting like fools. We preached on fools last week. You know, and have you ever noticed when your kids are acting like a fool, when my kids are acting like a fool, they're Debbie's kids. If they're doing good, they're my kids. That is kind of what God was saying. Hey, have they already stopped obeying me? That's a fool. And have they made themselves idols? An idol is anything you try to get satisfaction and contentment other than God. And then shaved a young bull, and they're bowing down to it, they're offering sacrifices to it. If you're not careful, we do that today. And that is a God who brought them out of Egypt, no they didn't. When you start giving anything or anybody credit for everything God gave you, you're getting close to idolatry . And Moses, have I seen how stubborn these people are, God said? I'm angry enough to destroy them. So he says this, listen, Exodus verse 9, "Don't try to stop me. Moses." Can you believe God's in a conversation with Moses, and God is the all-powerful who created heaven and earth. I mean, he's all knowing, he knows everything. And he says, Moses, don't try to stop me. Now, can Moses really stop God? No. But he said, don't stop me. I'm going to make your descendants into a great nation. He said, listen man, don't stop me, you're going to get blessed anyway. I'm just going to wipe out everybody else. Have you ever been so mad at your kids? You want to blank them? All you all trying to be too goodie goodie, you know you have. Moses was trying to get, verse 11 says, Moses tried to get the Lord to change his mind. It's that way in marriages sometimes, one person wants to discipline real hard, and the other person wants to try to change your mind. I got to get to this anyway, Moses started saying, Lord, you used your mighty power to bring us out of Egypt, don't be angry, don't destroy them. If you destroy them, the Egyptians are going to think you bought us out here just to destroy us. And now he starts quoting God's promise. I told you the most powerful prayer is when you quoting God's promises back to him. The he said, remember your promise you made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? You promised that someday that they'd have many descendants, and even though the Lord had threatened to destroy them, the people, the Lord changed his mind and he let them live.

James Greer: 29:50 Do you see man, the difference a connection, friendship, loving relationship can make in your life and with God's life. It can actually almost changed the timing in our life. Time means nothing to God, means everything to us.

James Greer: 30:05 So we got close. I want you to stand up, I'm going to pray with you, and I'm going to pray for you. I mean, this should be a time that, man, God starts just rocking you and rocking the house. I want you to stand, I want you to just bow your heads for a minute, okay? Maybe you feel God, that people at Journey Church, you don't feel like you had that friendship relationship with God, but today you want to have it? Jesus said, I'm the way, the truth, and the life, no man comes to the father but by me. So you've got to come to God through Jesus Christ. If you're here today, and you haven't done that, I pray that you'd do that. If you've come to God just as a servant, I pray today you would come to the altar and say, God, I want to be your friend. Be honest with yourself in your marriage relationship, are you still together just because the Bible told you to? Do you want to turn it into a loving friendship relationship that connects? Would you come and say, God, would you help me? Would you give me wisdom? The Bible says, you have not, because you ask not. The Bible says, if you lack wisdom, to come and ask. Do you have somebody that you need to stand in the gap like Moses did, God was going to destroy the people, and he interceded for his people, his children, his flock, and God changed his mind. Some of us have kids or grandkids or loved ones, and we know they're far from God, and today's the day that we're going to stand in the gap for them. We're going to come to the altar, we're going to pray, and we're going to plead, and we're going to say, Oh God, I want to be your friend. God, I want to intercede for my child, for my mate, for my grandkids, for somebody that I love, God. Please put a hedge of protection around about them, God, please draw them back to you. Maybe you're here and you want to join the church, or follow through in public baptism. Today is the day to do it, not someday, today is the day that you do whatever God's called you to do. It's in Christ's name I pray. Amen.

Recorded in Pineville, Louisiana.
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