Daring Faith | Stretch Your Faith

Understanding That Faith Is Putting Belief Into Action

James Greer
Sep 11, 2022    36m
Faith is believing without seeing. It is having complete confidence and trust in God. Faith is learning to see things from God's point of view. Daring faith is stretching your faith beyond what you think is possible. It is trusting God for the impossible. Faith is essential to have. It opens the way for miracles and unlocks the promises of God Video recorded at Pineville, Louisiana.

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James Greer: [00:00:00] Morning, Journey Church. Well, Randy. Micah, don't you run off. Your wife, Janice, would be so proud of you. Janice went to be with the Lord after about three brain surgeries, and every surgery, as soon as she could, she'd sit right back there right next to Randy's mom and just smile and smile. One of my favorite pictures is I have after one of her surgeries, her coming out and her hair just started growing and me and her hugging back there. And so we're praying for you and the family, Randy. And wake will be here tomorrow evening from 4:00 to 8:00 and a funeral from 10:00 to 11:00. So let's pray for Randy and his family. She was a great, great witness, like I said, all the way through cancer. She just kept loving the Lord and kept with us and for us. Well, we've got several things. Don't you run off. In your bulletin, if you want to go skydiving, you can sign up. Amen? I went one time. Oh, yes, I did. I tell you. See, this is kind of daring faith. The first thing you got to do is be willing to step on there. Now, what happens when everybody, you have about 20 to 30 people. Everybody said, I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it. And they're laughing and cutting up. And you get that far, and about half of them cut out. See that picture there? That wasn't so much fun. That was fun. That was fun.

James Greer: [00:01:25] That was fun. That was like, yes, see there. Y'all know what the picture before that was? And that was [inaudible] so I gave him a high five. You're better together. Amen? You're better when you have somebody with you, I promise you. And so. But we had a good time, you know? The picture you saw me with the plane, he said, jump. And I said, uh-oh. He pushed me. And also, half the people chickened out and didn't get on the plane. When you get that far and you chicken out, it's nonrefundable. I was in Las Vegas with my wife and they were saying, why gamble with your money when you can gamble with your life? True story. I told my wife, Honey, I've always wanted to do this. I want to go do that. She said, Nope. I said, Honey, I'm going to jump out of that plane. She said, Not with me, you're not. I said, Well, would you come and watch me? Nope. She said, I don't even know if the insurance pays if you get killed. This is critical. You worried about the insurance paying if I get killed? I said, Well, can't you come down there and cheer me? I mean, all these other people, their wives are cheering them or they're jumping. Nope. I'm telling you, I'm not going. I don't want you to go. Ask me if she went. But y'all can sign up and do it. Amen? Where's Micah? Come up here.

James Greer: [00:02:53] Quit running off. Micah. Micah. He's our worship leader. He rocked the house this morning. Amen? I love that last song. What was it?

Micah Stowell: [00:03:08] Way Maker.

James Greer: [00:03:08] What is it?

Micah Stowell: [00:03:09] Way Maker.

James Greer: [00:03:09] Yeah, and during that song, it says, even when you don't see him, what?

Micah Stowell: [00:03:15] He's working.

James Greer: [00:03:16] Even when you don't see him, what?

Micah Stowell: [00:03:17] He's working.

James Greer: [00:03:18] Amen. Thank you. And I love that song because even when you don't see him, he's what? And I got to see that this last week. Went with my wife, they diagnosed her as having lupus, which that's bad. I decided to go the doctor with her, of course. 8:00 in the morning, we walked in. I told the doctor, I said, we've been out of town and her foot is just swollen unbelievable. And the other doctor gave us fluid pills. She said, Baby, that ain't fluid. She said, Go to the hospital. And they do those ultrasounds where they start doing this on your leg, you know? And I asked the girl, I said, You can tell me. No, I can't. I said, But you can tell me and I won't tell the doctor you told me. No. Hmm. I said, okay. Act like that if you want to. Usually I can talk them into telling me, you know, but not her. So she's not going to tell me. But a few minutes later, she comes in with a wheelchair and she says, Mrs. Greer, get in the wheelchair. I said, Oh, wait a minute, wait a minute. I said, But you're not going to tell me.

James Greer: [00:04:18] She said, Now I'm going to tell you. We're going to ER. I said we're going to ER. Are you going to tell me? She said yes, she's got a blood clot and it's bad. We're going to ER. So we go to the ER. Now my wife, she's pretty cool. She's sitting there making plans. She's calling people and saying, Hey, let's get food and let's do this. And I'm thinking, how bad is the blood clot? And she said, It's chronic. And I don't know what that means. So we wait. And you know how fast the service is at the hospital. Four or 5 hours later, right? We get to see the doctor. He walks in, he says, You know, when people's legs get like that, one of the things you do is if you're not careful, you do something crazy and you go get a massage. He said, That's what's crazy thing. Don't ever do that because sometimes when you get a massage, you can break it loose. And when you break it loose, it can go to your brain or your heart and you can have a heart attack. Oh, precious Jesus. We had just been on vacation. Y'all remember last week, I went to watch my grandson fish Bass Masters, and we decided to stay in this kind of resort. You can get on the elevator. And it said, QR code scan for massages. So I'm scanning and scanning and scanning I'm calling. I said, I want my wife to get a massage.

James Greer: [00:05:23] I'm going to get up in the morning, her foot's swollen, and I'm going to leave. Nope. So I get up the next morning, I called again. I said I want a massage for my wife. Nope. So I call them on the phone. I said, You're telling me for two days she can't get a massage? Nope. And I thought, okay, I'll just move along. I almost went to another place to get her one, but I decided I wasn't. We're just going to be there two days. And when that guy told me, If she had gotten a message and that would have happened, I don't know what I'd done. I starting saying, thank you, Jesus, thank you, Jesus. Thank you. I kept saying, Thank you, Jesus. Thank you. Debbie finally said, Hey, it's cool. I said, Well, thank you, Jesus anyway. Sometimes God does miracles by closing doors as much as he does opening doors. Amen? See all these boxes up here? Do y'all see all these boxes up here? Thank you, Jesus. Okay. What I was going to do that at the end, but anyway, we're going to look at it and kind of talk about it in the beginning. And I hope I do better. Last service, man, my ADD kicked in and we went around the world. So I went back and go take my medicine, but I forgot it. But we can still have fun. Amen? Just hang in there. So if I go here and there and everywhere, just go with me.

James Greer: [00:06:41] It's like flying. I don't know. Anyway, Journey only goes what's that's called and you know, it's mainly for if you're in a small group, we want you to go to small group. If you've never been to a small group, it's a challenge to go to a small group. But this if you're not in a small group, it's called Journey on the Go. And what it is, we want to help you find your mission and purpose. And, you know, and it's exciting, man. If you can find your, help you find your mission and purpose, you'd want to do it. Amen? Because what happens is, doesn't matter how successful you are or unsuccessful, when you don't know your mission and purpose, you end up with an emptiness. Jesus basically did a few things in life. He got about 12 guys and they traveled around and they had fellowship together. They had a spiritual component, which they talked about God and what God had for their life and they had discussions. Basically, they prayed together. That's basically what they did. Wasn't too bad considering they changed the world. Amen? And so I got to thinking, man, that's what I want to see. Do I like to see people accomplish God's purpose for their life and bring a few people along with them? And then Matthew 18:19, it says again, I say to you, where two of you agree on Earth concerning anything that they ask, it'll be done for them by my Father in Heaven.

James Greer: [00:08:06] So I said, we've got to get these two people together to go through this. But he also said where two or three are gathered together in my name, I'm in the midst of them. So we got more than two or three. So God's in the midst. Amen? Yeah. And so what I want to do is eventually get people that are not in a small group, maybe do a small group on Journey on the Go. So that's kind of what the purpose is. Your verse for the week is according to your faith, let it be done. That's your verse for the week, everybody. What is it? It's Matthew 9:28. And so because you're either going to be stretching your faith or straining your faith. And when you strain your faith, it means it's draining you. You can be saved and still be drained. Worn out, awkward, difficult. So if you're not being stretched, you're being drained. And if you get this box, if you're not in a small group, and you say, Hey, I want to have Journey on the Go, there's some things in there, I'll tell you, there's a coffee cup in there full of hundred dollar bills. Not. There is a coffee cup in there, though. And there's some instructions in there and some of the instructions are fantastic. The book is not this big. It's a regular book. This is for me because I can't read. But anyway. And in the book, it tells you how to have this Journey on the Go.

James Greer: [00:09:25] It says, First of all, pick a location. See, did you know that you can have church and you don't have to be in church? This is not an excuse not to come to church. Amen up there? I want to hear upstairs say, Amen. Hmm. Y'all better wake up down here. Anyway, you can do this at your home. You can do it on your job. You can do it in the park. You can do it where. I know there are some people, they get up at 5:45 in the morning. They all get on the phone and discuss the Bible. Each to their own. But you could do it anywhere, you know? But what the thing is, then you schedule the meeting. Well, you can do it in the mornings, afternoon or whenever you want to do it. But try to do it once a week. It can be 5 minutes. It can be an hour. And so you just invite people to get together and do it and be friends, families or whatever. But there's a key to it. Are you ready? You ready to find the key? Yes. Thank you. That's the right answer. Y'all ready find the key? Do y'all have the church app? If you don't have the church app, today is the day to download the church app. If you don't know how to download the church app, go in the back and they'll show you how to download the church app.

James Greer: [00:10:33] I was amazed this week. I talked to Josh. I said, Everybody's got church app. So when I was sitting waiting just four or five simple hours, I called some people. One of them that's going to do the Journey on the Go, him and his wife and his brother and their wife, they're going to do it as couples. They're going to meet once a week. And there's some curriculum in here, which I'll tell you about, and they're going to go through it every week. I said, you got the church app? No. Kind of like I never heard about it, even though we talk about it all the time. They said don't have it. I said, first of all, would you download that? We'll talk later. So there's another two guys that have been coming to church probably five, ten years. And I texted both of them at the same time. I said, Now the key, they couldn't be here Sunday, they said, Would you start sending me some material? I said, Yeah. I sent them some material. And I said, But the key is to have the Journey app. Y'all do have the app? One of them said no. The other one said, I never heard of it. Y'all have heard that Journey has an app? Amen? So then I'm bringing my granddaughter somewhere last night. I said, you know, have you ever seen our church app? I didn't even know y'all had one. I said, Well, look at it.

James Greer: [00:11:54] Everybody download the Journey Church app. Amen? You can do it now or you can do it afterwards. You can get Josh or somebody to help you do it if you don't know how. But do it. It has the coolest stuff in it. It tells you, you can give. Hey. You can stream. You can push this and it says streaming live. In other words, if you want to watch it when we're preaching, you can push that. I'm on there preaching live right now. It's a little behind, Josh. But anyway, it's streaming live. You can just push there. You can use it for that. That's one thing you can use it for. It says, Help for Hurts. You can go in here and push Help for Hurts. And it has all these things. Now, the bigger letters, that's because they've been pressed more. It has stuff like addiction, anger, depression, finances, forgiveness, grief, marriage problems, suicide. And you push it. It has counseling tools to go with it. That's pretty cool. Amen? That's Help for Hurts. Guess where that's found? Who said that? You get an A. Y'all better stay with me. My ADD. Hey, look, me and my wife are on there. Boy, we look good. Anyway, when you find me and my wife on there, you push that. Free devotions. How much are they? Now see, it goes in there, unleashing hope. It goes through all these other things and it just keeps going. There's that one. It says, a marriage that lasts.

James Greer: [00:13:29] And so what these couples, what they're going to do, they're going to just push that little button right there and they're going to meet once a week with other couples and they're just going to take that, push right there and open it right up. And they're going to read two or three pages and then just sit around, discuss it. Thank you. I just wish the rest of them would join you. She said, that's cool. Pretty good app. Next Step. Find a group. You just push that button. If you're not in a small group, here's the day to sign up for a small group. If you're not in a small group, I know you will get one of these boxes. And then the wordless book. How many times have you ever seen me share this wordless book? If you've been coming to church very long, you've seen me share that. There's that dude. Don't be trying to run away. But now look at this. The wordless book is on the app. You're going to get one free today. Everybody here, you should have a wordless book. Say, that's cool. But you know what's even cooler? You can scan that code and you can see me giving the plan of salvation as you go through the book if you don't know what to say. Thank you. That's cool. But see, I lost my wordless book. Hey, you witness to somebody, just push that right there. It's on the app.

James Greer: [00:14:53] Is that good or what? I mean, I don't know when. Watch sermons. Look at this. Recaps. Journey kids. Group curriculum. Journey Students. Be the church. Be the church is kind of like if you want to do a little Bible study, it tells all about church. And care and prayers. You can do that. Sermon Library. Preach the message for like the last year or two years, three years. You can click on that and then click on the message and click it on again. You can get the outlines. I never finish anyway. So y'all could take the outlines and have a group study. Amen? Then how you track your attendance. You know, Journey on the Go book. Is that cool? So everybody needs the church app. I know you're going to do that. So anyway. So that's one of the ways you do that. So that's how you do your material and you get the book. And so you get friends, you get couples, you can do it with your family. Just however you want to get a group together outside of church. You can do it 5 minutes. You can do it an hour. But we want you to do that, okay? Yes, sir. That's a great idea. And so you pick the place to do it. You pick the time to do it. And it gives a way that you can account and you let us know that you're doing it and we'll be rocking together. So one of the things we're going to do at the end of the service is give you an opportunity to get one of those books. And then the back of there, it all gives y'all kinds of prayers in your handout.

James Greer: [00:16:23] Okay? All right. Y'all ready to start the message? We're going to get one point. Are y'all ready? Y'all ready to fill in the blank. Daring faith is to stretch your faith. That's it. That's your only point today. You can write that one in. You can bring the same notebook next week because the rest of this week. Daring faith is to stretch your faith. Hebrews 11:6 says this. But without faith, it is impossible to please Him. Don't you want to please God? Amen. So you want to stretch your faith. For he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. So what we want you to do, we want to stretch your faith where you can receive the rewards that God has for you. See, God is giving some examples of how He stretched their faith and how they received the rewards. One of those examples is Noah. By faith. By what? Noah, being divinely warned of the things not yet seen. Had Noah seem them? No. If he had already seen them, it wouldn't be faith. See, that's what I want you to know. See, faith is believing something is so that isn't so until it is so.

James Greer: [00:17:45] In other words, you believe it before you see it. He knew with godly fear, preparing an ark for the saving of his household by which he condemned the world and became heirs though of the righteousness which is according to faith. See, I want you to know that faith is believing it before you see it. But also, he had to take action. See, faith is not just believing it before you see it. He had to go build the ark. The action brought the reward. See, sometimes every single Sunday you come to church and I'm preaching, I'm preaching. See, the substance is God's Word. The action is doing what He tells you. See, if you just get the substance on Sundays, you just get the Word and you don't get the action, you don't get the rewards. If He just heard what God said, go build an ark and he didn't go and do it, he wouldn't have got the reward. So that's what He's trying to tell you to do. See, substance is God's Word. So calling you to do something. You know? That's part of it. Noah's faith had substance which is God's Word. Noah's faith caused him to stretch it. He had to be stretched to go build an ark. It had never even rained before. When God told him go build an ark, it never rained. God's going to call you to do things you've never done before. There's another example. Another example. Abraham. Abraham. By faith, Abraham obeyed.

James Greer: [00:19:27] Now faith obeys before they understand. I mean, faith, when God calls, can you? Man, when God called me to preach, that had to be faith. I said, God, you got to be joking me. I can't even read. I get wringing wet in front of people. But faith, it obeys. He was calling you to go out of the place where you would receive an inheritance. Sometimes God is calling you to do something you never done. He's calling you to step out of your comfort zone. He might be calling you to lead a small group. He may be calling you to go to a Journey group. He may be calling you to start tithing. He may be calling you to get baptized. He may be calling you to get saved. He might be calling you to join a church. But see, you do some things that you had never done before. And you do it for the honor and glory of God. And you begin to stretch your faith. Then you receive the reward. And he went out, not even knowing where he's going to go. See, obeying when you don't understand, doing things that you've never done before. That stuff. You ready? If you don't stretch your faith, you live in a strained faith. That means it'll drain you. It'll be difficult. There's a lot of saved people that are not experiencing the rewards but that are strained and living a difficult and God said, hey, you can't just simply come to church and live an abundant life.

James Greer: [00:21:03] See, because when you're not stretching your faith, you focus on yourself and you focus on your family and you always have the same problem. It's your problem. My family's problem. My family. If I hear that again, I think I'm going to scream. I want somebody to come and say, Brother James, we are rocking and rolling. God is doing things that, man, it is fantastic. Now I want to hear. Probably won't. Pray for you. But let me tell you what. God does not want you to live in a state of problems. Amen, Brother James. Whoa. Holy Moses. I got problems. You got problems. But don't live in your problems. That may be my ADD. I don't know. Whatever. Anyway. God always does what He says, doesn't He? Romans tells you. He told God, He told Abraham, You get out from where you at, do what I tell you to do. And then He's going to tell you. Look, Romans 4:17. He says as it is written, I have made you a father of many nations. He's always going to do what He says. In the presence of Him whom he believed. God who gives life to dead. Man, this is an encouraging verse. God can give life to dead. He can call those things which do not exist as they did exist. In other words, your marriage might be dead. God said, I can bring it back to life. Your reputation may be the worst in the world.

James Greer: [00:22:24] God said, I can change it. He said, Your finances might be dead. I can bring it to life. God said, I don't care what you say. Well, I just don't have anything. God said, I can bring things that aren't into existence. How do you think this world came into being? God just spoke it and it's here. Everything that's here, God's spoke it. He spoke earth in existence. The world into existence. The sky, the birds, the fish. He said, I can take things that are not. I just speak them. They come about. Amen? Who, contrary to hope, in hope he believed, so that he became the father of many nations. God told him He was going to do that. According to what was spoken, you shall have descendants be. Yeah. So He said, I told you it's going to happen. Now it's going to happen. Now this is the part I like. And not being weak in faith, he did not consider his own body already dead, since he was about 100 years old, and the deadness of Sarah. I'm talking about stretching your faith. You're 100 years old. God said, Hey, go have a kid. That's encouraging. Amen? I'm just saying what he's saying. Hey, at 100 years old, he stretched his faith. He got the reward. He had a child. God told him a long time ago. In other words, what He's trying to tell you, anything God tells you to do, He'll do.

James Greer: [00:23:43] And God's Word is the substance. You ready? But the action is what brings the reward. See, so many people want to hear the substance. They want to come and hear God's word, but they don't want to take the action. So they're missing out on the reward. And that's what God was trying to tell him. He said, I can take the things that are nothing and make something out of it. He told us later on, he told us in Hebrews 11:1, now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. I am trying to teach you that faith does have substance, not feeling. Substance. Substance is God's Word. He tells you to do something, you've never seen it before, you hadn't heard it before. But God told you to do it, and you just go do it and you get to receive the rewards. Or you don't stretch your faith. You just live in what's called a strained faith, drained all the time, worn out all the time. And that's not the way to live. Okay. You ready? I'm going to talk about four things that God wants us all to do. These four things came about for this reason. We're in a staff meeting talking about things we knew that God calls do that we should do, but we don't do. So we decided to challenge ourselves. And if we did what God calls us to do and you did what God calls you to do, look at the rewards we'd get.

James Greer: [00:25:01] Amen? And so we're going to challenge you to do and we're challenging ourselves to do, and we want you to do it with us. Not only will we be blessed, not only will we receive the rewards, but you will, too. Amen? Okay. Number one. Number one. You ready? This is difficult. You're going to think, What a challenge. We should be doing this anyway, right? Number one. I dare you to invite and bring somebody to church. But look in your thing. We got cards. We've got the greatest looking invite cards. You have at least five invite cards. And wherever you go, you can, especially if it's friends or family, just give them one. Say, I want to invite you to come to church. So you have invite cards. Man, we have prepared this thing that anybody and everybody can do it. Therefore, whoever confessed men before me, I'll confess him before the Father. Don't you want Jesus Christ confessing you before the Father? Jesus said, I'm the way, the truth, and the life. No man could even come to the Father, but by me. You got invite cards. That's pretty cool, right? You start inviting people. Did y'all get those same cards or not? Y'all got them. They have them, Joy. Let me have them. I lost mine. Y'all don't lose yours. Kindly open up this little package. Everybody, kindly open up this little package. Thank you, Jesus. Yeah, right now. Right now. Yes, sir.

James Greer: [00:26:19] That's the correct answer. It's got five cards in there. Want you to invite at least five people this week. Also, you could take them and put them like this. Shoot on your phone. You can text people and invite them. So we want everybody. Can you imagine if everybody here started inviting people and then some of those people got saved? Not only would it change your life, it'd change their life. You'd be so happy. There is no greater joy than to see that they walk in life five times. All right. Five cards. Not only, look, you know what else is in there? Finally, everybody here got a wordless book. So, number one, you invite, right? Number two, you start praying for somebody that's lost. We should be doing that anyway. Amen? Pray for them. But if you get a chance, witness to them. If you don't know somebody's lost, you need to start going out a little bit more. Go to the gym. Do something. But listen, as you get an opportunity, if you get an opportunity, witness to them. You say, well, I can't witness. Just scan the code and it gives me witnessing to them. All right. Invite. Pray for the lost. This is the coolest wordless book you ever seen, man. Third, start praying and ask God to do something impossible in your life. Some of you have come to church for years and years and years and never had a miracle in your life. Did you know that God's in the miracle-working business?

James Greer: [00:27:53] Everybody's could be different. But if it'll be honor and glory to God, why would God not answer your prayer? So what I want you to do is start thinking about who can I invite? Who did God lay upon my heart that doesn't know Jesus Christ? Because see, everybody this side of Heaven owes the gospel to everybody this side of hell. What miracle could God do in your life that you could give God the honor and glory? And forth, I'd like for you to get into a small group or I'd like you to start a Journey on the Go. And what you do with that Journey on the Go is at the end you just come and get a box and we'll help you do it. But you can take one of the church apps, which I know you have or you download today. So simple. You can do an outline. You can do a devotion. There's so many you can do. Help for hurts. See, if you're living your life on a weekly basis with no spiritual component where you're not talking about God and what He's doing, you can't just live on Sundays. God said, where two or three are together, then He's there with them. And so during the week, you need somebody with you. You need somebody to care with you, somebody to pray with you, somebody to be there with you. Life happens. Life's happening right now.

James Greer: [00:29:31] Saddest things. And so I want you to start doing life with other people. And so this is the opportunity. Some of you know that God says, hey, I'm not in a small group, but I come to church. And I can take this and I'll start meeting with two or three people. Like I said, a lot of time, it's family. A lot of times it's friends. A lot of times it's over lunch. It can be anywhere. But you just need to do it. So at the end of the service, just ask God, do that. Luke 18:40 says, Jesus stood still and He commanded a man to be brought to Him. And as he came near, Jesus asked this question. He said, What do you want me to do for you? And he said, Lord. I want to receive my sight. I just wonder right now, this very minute, if Jesus was here and He said, Journey Church, individually in your heart, what would you have me to do? Could you even answer Him? That man said I was blind. I want to see, and immediately, he could see. Because if you don't know what you'd want God to do, He's not going to do it. Some of you are one ask away from a miracle in your life if it'd bring honor and glory to God. Today in a minute, we'll give an invitation. Might be the very day that you come and do that. So I think I'd do it.

James Greer: [00:31:07] I would dare some of y'all, if you're not sure that you would die, that you'd go to Heaven, that's the most important decision you'd ever make. I dare you today just to come to the front. Don't worry about anything or anybody else. You don't know when your last day. The wonderful thing about doing the funeral for Janice, Randy, no doubt, I know where she's at, and I know she was ready. In fact, I remember holding her hand last week and she said, I'm not afraid. I know I'm ready. Then she asked me, Do you have any questions? True story. That is a true story. No, do you? She said, My son Brandon is already there. He died in a car wreck. I was there too. She said, I'm ready to see him. His birthday's this week. For the first time ever, they'll celebrate the birthday in Heaven together. I feel sorry for Randy and the family. I don't feel sorry for her. I feel sorry for you at Journey Church if you're here and you're not sure. I dare you today to settle it. Maybe you've been coming and you've never physically joined the church. Today's the day to do that. Maybe you haven't followed through in public baptism. We got three or four the next service and Wednesday in the men's group, we got one going to be out in the men's group. But today you come and say, I want to follow through in baptism. I dare you this week to invite people.

James Greer: [00:32:39] I challenge you this week to pray for the lost. Now, don't just say God, I'm praying for the lost people. No, no. You make a list of specific people and you pray for them. And then when God gives you an open door, you either invite them or you give them your wordless book if you can't do it. Say, would you please just scan this and go over it? And if you have any questions, let me know. And then I don't want you to do life alone. Too many people are trying to do life alone. You can't do life just on Facebook. You need real flesh and blood. So if you've never been in a small group, I'm challenging you. I know you're getting out of your comfort zone. I know you don't feel comfortable, and maybe you've never done it. Maybe you want to do it at work. Maybe you want to do it with some friends and say, Hey, I'm going to get together at work. I'm going to take 5 minutes and we're going to do one devotion, we're going to do one page or two couples are going to get together and they're going to do the couples thing. It's not a matter of, listen, it's not a matter of what you do. It's not about how long you do it. It's a matter of you and Christ, what you're doing. And that's what changed your life. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and I'll add everything else to it.

James Greer: [00:33:52] So you just come and you get a Journey on the Go. Or you come in a minute and you say, I'm going to make a commitment to go to a small group. You have these cards like this right here. You also got Scott out of cards. Some of you got several. Scott, out of cards. I won't say who. I'm trying to be serious. Anyway. So when I give an invitation, you bring these cards and your skydiving cards, you put them in there. Be serious for a minute. I'd like for you to fill this out. I'm going to invite somebody. I'm going to pray for the lost. I'm going to ask God for a miracle. And if God leads you, I'm going to start a small group or join a small group. Are you ready why I'm going to ask you to do that? I told you really, whether it's Noah Abraham, faith has substance, right? The substance was God's Word. The action brought the miracle. I want to see you have God do a miracle in your life. I want you to see Him reward you like never before. I want to see our church seeing lives change and hundreds of people come to know the Lord like we've never done it before. You've got the substance. I'm going to pray. Then you take the action. You need to come get the book. I ask you to take your time and fill out the little card. Just come.

James Greer: [00:35:30] Just drop it in right there. Stand and let me pray with you and pray for you. God, you're an awesome God. I thank you for your Word. I thank you for your application made simple. God, there's people here that are hurting and you want to comfort them, God. So I pray that you're the God of all comfort. I pray for Randy and his family, his mother and kids. God, I pray that you'd comfort them right now. I pray for Monday and Tuesday. God, I pray for those that need to make decisions. Some of y'all need the impossible done in your life. And today is the day you want to come and pray with somebody. Where two are gathered together, He said, Ask anything you want. He said, where three are together, I'm here. There's more than three together. So He's here. And today's the day. You just say, Hey, I need to come, and I really need to pray and ask God to do it. Some of you say, Hey, you know what? I need to take the focus off myself and just off my family. I need to invite. I need to pray. I need to see God do a miracle in my life. I need to get more involved. God, I pray that you'd work today. Your substance, your Word has been preached. Your action is what brings the miracle. God, I want that in our church. We'll give you the honor and the glory. It's in your name I pray. Amen.

Recorded in Pineville, Louisiana.
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