Resurrection Road | The Miracle of a Fresh Start

God Will Always Give You A Fresh Start After Difficult Times

Darrell Ingram
Apr 24, 2022    30m
We have all endured suffering, pain, and hurt. But God will always grant you a fresh start after difficult times. Learn to receive the miracle of testimony. Rejoice in knowing that your wounds will bring greatness and miracles one day. Video recorded at Pineville, Louisiana.

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Darrell Ingram: [00:00:00] Amen. Amen. Amen. Listen, I've been thinking about this series that we've been going through, this Resurrection Road. And, you know, I've been thinking about all the sermons that Pastor James has been preaching. And last week, he preached on miracles and mercy. And man, I'm so excited. I was excited sitting in the chairs back there about what God's going to do and how God has blessed us here at Journey Church. We had over 1,700 people here last week. Man, God is good. God is good. And I'm telling you, Pastor James has been preaching some powerful messages. We had two powerful messages this morning as Pastor Steven and Pastor Richie preached. But let me tell you, I'm just thankful and I just want to honor Pastor James for allowing me, me, a broken sinner, someone that's broke down, messed up. And I know our motto is, I mess up, you mess up, we all mess up. But I messed up a lot. The pastor lets me preach, and you know, and by the power of the Lord, I'm excited to preach and I'm already getting worked up because I know that God is good and I know that He's good all the time, and I know that God works in us and God wants to work His miracles and His mercy. He wants to give you this morning a fresh start. He wants to give you a whole new perspective of life. As we look in Matthew 28:1, it says, early on Sunday morning as the new day was dawning, as the new day was dawning. You see, Jesus was buried. He was crucified. And on that third day, He arose and Mary and the other Mary were going to the tomb. And guess what? He wasn't there because it was a new day.

Darrell Ingram: [00:01:51] You see, you and I can have a new day every day of our lives because God is good and God is there. And He's always going to walk you through day in, day out, no matter what you're going through. Man, God is good. And then in Peter, it says, 1 Peter 2:24. It says, He Himself bore our sins in His body on the tree that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. By His wounds, we have been healed. By His wounds, we have been healed. Let's go to the Lord in prayer. Father, I thank you. Father, right now, use me, a broke vessel, broke down. But Lord, I know that it's a new day. So Father, right now, you pour your spirit out. Pour down on each one of us, Lord, and help us to receive your Word. Help us to take it in, to learn, to grow, and to move forward in our lives, to get a fresh start. Father, we praise you in Jesus' name. Amen. Have you ever been beat down? Have you ever been wounded or hurt? And it looks like you lost the wonder of worship. It looks like you lost the praise of worship. It looks like you lost the glory of worship. I know I have. We've all experienced something in our lives that brought us down. But I'm here today to tell you today, you can have a new beginning. You can have a new day. You can have a fresh start because there's miracles in the wounds. There's miracles in the wounds that Jesus played that was placed on Jesus' hands, that was placed on His side.

Darrell Ingram: [00:03:46] There's miracles in those wounds. The Bible says by His wounds, we are healed. We are healed. I think everyone of the sound of my voice has or will in life suffer, hurt. They will suffer wounds. They will suffer disappointments, wounds that try to knock you down, wounds that if you don't look at them and you don't try to get them healed, they will destroy you. They will kill you. The Bible says the enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy. He wants to destroy you. The devil doesn't fight fair. He won't give up. He won't ever give up until you're wounded, until you're wounded to death. He will wound you. He will attack you. Problem after problem. Situation after situation. The devil intends to deliver a deadly wound to each and every one of us. He hits you and he keeps on hitting you. And if he can't get to your spouse, he'll get to your kids. And if he can't get to your kids, he'll get to your business. And if he can't get to your business, he'll get to your finances. He keeps going and going. He's like the ever-ready bunny. But guess what? I know someone that can take out the batteries. Stop him dead in his tracks. Stop him dead in his tracks. He keeps trying to do what he does best: kill, steal, and destroy. He tries his best to wound each and every one of us, to knock us down.

Darrell Ingram: [00:05:31] Read the Book of Job and see what happened to that man. Man, read it. Satan, and you'll see how Satan operates. He came to Job and he hit him and he hit him and he hit him and he hit him and he hit him and his friends. And Satan first, he's going to curse you, God. He's going to curse you, God. He's going to curse you, God. His friends came and they said, curse God and die. Then his wife came. His wife said, You curse God and die. Listen to me. Listen to me. Everyone, everyone can give up on you. Everyone can tell you to give up on God. But God will never give up on you. God will never forsake you. I want to ask you a question this morning. I want to ask you a question. How many of you, how long has it been since you saw a real miracle in your life? How many? How many of you? How many of you have ever seen a real miracle in your life? Look to your left. Now look to your right. Look to your left again and tell that person you're a miracle. Tell that person to your right, you're a miracle. You see, there are miracles right here. There are people right here that are miracles. We have a church full of miracles. We've all been through problems. We've all had sicknesses. We've all been sad.

Darrell Ingram: [00:07:06] We've all buried kids. Well, no. Sorry, son. We haven’t, but some of you have. Some of you hurt. Some of you maybe buried your wife or your husband. Some of you have hurt and you've hurt deep. God says, I don't want you to live in that hurt. I don't want you to live devastated. I want you to come back. I want to reintroduce you to worship. I want to reintroduce you to praise. God wants to reintroduce you to a fresh start, to a new day. I want you to know that God loves you and He loves you so much that He is willing to send Jesus, His son, to die on a cross for each and every one of us, to give you and me a fresh new start. But so many times we come in Sunday after Sunday after Sunday, and we have the same old, same old wounds walk right out the door. And God wants to take that wound, and He wants to make it right. He wants to turn that wound. He wants to turn that wound into a miracle. He wants to turn it into a miracle. Listen, I've been wounded. I've been hurt. But I'm still alive. And I'm still here, and I still believe. You see, the devil can huff and puff, but he can't blow your house down. It's not coming down because greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world. Man, He is so good.

Darrell Ingram: [00:08:57] He is so great. Satan wants to wound you. He wants to destroy you. He wants to inflict a deadly wound so that it kills your soul, so that it kills your worship, so that it kills your joy, so that it kills your dreams. But God brought you here on purpose for a purpose. So that you can have a fresh start, so that you can have a fresh start. And if you keep on letting those wounds get on top of one another, it's going to kill your life. It's going to kill your family. It's going to destroy everyone around you. Peter was warned by Jesus in Luke 22:31. He says this. Peter, Satan has desired to shift you like wheat. But I have prayed that your faith may not fail. But I have prayed that your faith may not fail. In other words, what Jesus was telling Peter, He says, listen, listen, I want you to know, I want you to know that Satan is going to keep on coming. He's going to come. He's going to sift you. He's going to do everything he can to knock you down, everything. He won't stop. He won't stop. He's going to keep on it. Jesus said this to Peter. But I'm going to be praying for you, that your faith not fail. Enemy's going to hit you. He's going to hit you. He's going to try to distort and destroy you. But healing will come. Restoration will come. Oh, I love that.

Darrell Ingram: [00:10:35] I want to say it again. Healing will come. Restoration will come. If you don't give up, it's there. There's a miracle about Jesus. There's a miracle about His wounds. Isaiah 53:5 puts it this way. It says, Jesus was wounded for our transgressions. He was bruised for our iniquities. He was bruised for our iniquities. He was wounded for what you and I do, for what we have done, and what we continue to do in our lives. He didn't do it for Himself. He did it for us. If you were the only person on earth, He would have done it for you. He loves you that much, that if you're the only one walking around, He would have came and He would have been on that cross. He would have been persecuted. And He would have been looking down at you, the only person and say, I did it for you. I did it for you. That's God's love. That's God's love. Healing will come. Restoration will come. Don't give up. Don't give up. Could it be, could it be that the wounds that you have went through in your life today are there for someone tomorrow to be cleansed, to be healed? Maybe you've been through a lot. But maybe, maybe, could it be? Y'all listen. Could it be that what you've been through or what you're going through, could it be that God wants to use that to bring someone to Him, to heal that person, to bring them out of their affliction, to bring them out of their hopelessness?

Darrell Ingram: [00:12:32] You see, God wants to use your wounds for someone tomorrow. Many of us in this room has been wounded. Many of y'all have been wounded by divorce, wounded by bankruptcy, wounded by a layoff, wounded maybe by death of a son or a daughter or a husband or a wife. Maybe a wound is seeing your kids only once a month or never at all. Those wounds that are deep. Maybe your wound is your spouse admits that he or she doesn't love you anymore or a relative has betrayed you or a relative has hurt you. The wound of alcoholism, the wound of drugs, the wound of pornography. Maybe those are your wounds. Maybe there's trouble with your kids or there's violence in your life. And it seems like it just can't get right. It seems like you can't be healed, that those wounds are deadly. I want you to know, I want you to see what happened to Peter in Acts 2 verse 14. He says, Peter, this is after Peter's betrayal. Can you imagine being Peter here? You walk around with Jesus through His ministry, and all of a sudden, he's I'm never going to leave you, God. I'm going to be there with you. No matter what happens, I'm there with you. And Jesus said, no, you're going to deny me three times. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, Lord. No, not me. Yeah. You're going to do it three times.

Darrell Ingram: [00:14:08] He did it three times. What if you were Peter? And every time, we have a rooster that crows all day, I think that thing is messed up. It doesn't crow in the morning. Sometimes he does, but it's like in the middle of the day or the middle of the night or whenever he feels like he needs to crow, he crows or whatever he does. Is that crow? I know what it is. He's calling out and he will do it at any time. Just think if you were Peter, and every time that rooster crowed, it brought you to that memory of what you did, of what you did, and how you betrayed the Savior every time it crowed, every time you heard it. But listen, after Peter was healed of his betrayal to Jesus, the Bible tells me in Acts 2:14, Peter, standing up with the Eleven, raised his voice and said to them. Peter spoke after God had healed him. Peter spoke after God gave him a fresh start. What I'm saying to you today, wounded people cannot worship. Wounded people are hurt people. Hurt people, they live in the past. They don't want to think about the future. Let me reintroduce you to something that God wants to reintroduce you to. He wants to reintroduce you to the wonder of His love, to the wonder of His worship, to the wonder of His grace, His peace, His Majesty. Oh, me or oh, no.

Darrell Ingram: [00:15:59] If I had a pen, I got a peppermint. I hurt it. I'm going to keep on preaching. Because I heard that. I don't know where you're at. But I know that God has a plan. I know that He has a purpose. And I know that He has a fresh start. And Satan's idea is to come, kill and destroy you. But my God is still in the miracle-working business. He can still heal no matter what. You see, Satan wants to inflict you. He wants to take away your witness. He wants to destroy your worship. He wants to destroy praise. If you're wounded or you've ever been wounded, you can have a victorious day today. Jesus received those deadly wounds on Calvary and rose from the dead three days later so that you and I can have a fresh, new start, a new beginning, a new beginning. The wounds that were healed, the church began, the church was birthed and the world was changed. What I'm saying to you today is the devil keeps trying to offend you. The devil keeps trying to hurt you. He keeps trying to wound you. He tries to keep you mad. I don't like it when God preaches to me when I'm supposed to be preaching to you. I've had a wound in my life that has festered and it has stalled everything about me. And this morning, when I sat down with Jesus, you know, you got to have a little talk with Jesus.

Darrell Ingram: [00:18:14] Tell Him what you -whatever that song is. But I know this. I sat down with Jesus this morning. And He said, Darrell, leave that hurt. Leave that anger. Leave that pain. Leave it all here at my feet, and let me bring you the joy. Let me bring you the joy that you once had, the excitement that you once had. And then He said this to me. What can wash away your sins? Nothing but the blood of Jesus. You see, you get a fresh start when you let God begin to heal the wounds of your life. And how do you know when your wounds have been healed? How do you know when you're healed? When you can hear their name or the situation and it doesn't get you angry anymore. That's when you know you're healed. Oh, your wounds may be healed. But let me tell you something. The scars are still there. The scars are still there. God, you know, God raised Jesus from the dead. He cured Him. He healed Him, but the scars were still there. And the scars that He had and the scars that we had are a testimony to God's ability to heal and bring you to a new day. When Jesus rose from the dead, He was healed. But His wounds are still there. We want complete restoration where nobody knows we had an issue. We don't want people to think that we have a messed up family or we have problems or we had problems.

Darrell Ingram: [00:20:17] We want them to see a picture-perfect family, a picture-perfect marriage, a picture-perfect life. The scars that you have in your life are a testimony to what God can do for everyone. Jesus walked through the door. You know, the disciples, they were in the upper room. Y'all remember that, huh? And maybe Jesus had been knocking at that door and He'd been knocking and He'd been knocking. But they were afraid, and they were worried. And they had wounds and they needed restoration. So Jesus walked through the door so that He could get to them. Jesus will walk through any door of your life so that He can heal your wounds. Listen, open that door. If you don't, He's just going to walk on through it. And when He walks on through it, your life is going to be renewed. Listen, some people need to see my scars. Like Thomas saw Jesus' scars. They need to see your scars, like Jesus' scars. What I'm saying to you is quit covering your scars up. Quit covering them up. They remind you of where you were and where God has brought you. Scars prove that it was bad one day, but hallelujah, God changed your life. Oh, I'd be a fool, I'd be a fool to walk around and say I've never had a marriage problem, I never had family problems, I've never wanted to quit. Listen, I wanted to quit this morning before I got here.

Darrell Ingram: [00:22:07] I didn't want to preach. I was afraid because I couldn't honor God in the right way. I wanted to quit. I wanted to say, God, I'm fixing to get sick. You know, I just call in sick today. And the Lord said, well, I'm the one that put you there. You get up and go. Listen, quit acting like you're perfect. Quit being prideful. Quit hiding your life. Because I mess up, you mess up, we all mess up. I have wounds. You have wounds. We all have wounds. Doctors say there are two things that are critical for a wound to be healed. Leaving the wound uncovered helps it stay dry and it helps it to heal. If you stop and you uncover your wound, it will begin to dry out and will begin to heal. Then number two, it says that, they say bleeding can clean that wound. It's a catharsis. I'm a librarian so I know a lot of good words now. I looked that one up. It's simply a cleaning of that wound. God wants to clean the wounds out of your life. He wants the blood to flow.

Darrell Ingram: [00:23:40] Every time you come to church, rip the Band-Aid off and say, Jesus, let the blood flow. Get the bitterness out. Get the anger out. Get the disappointment out. Get the hopelessness out, the depression out. God, I want you to heal me. Quit playing games. Quit playing the church game. Listen, I wonder, I wonder, have you ever lost your worship? Have you ever lost your joy? Have you ever had wounds so deep that it hurts and you can't get anything out? Listen, there's somebody here this morning that is listening to me, here or online or wherever they're listening, you won't find it in a bottle. You won't find it in alcohol. You won't find it in pills. You won't find it if you smoke it, poke it, or toke it. You won't find it. You won't find it in hitting that crack pipe or meth pipe. You won't find it. And by the way, if you're having problems with that, I want to tell you, you can have a next step of being involved in CPR because they can help you overcome it.

Darrell Ingram: [00:25:14] Man, it's so good to have a program like that. When you have hiccups and hang-ups and hurts and addictions and whatever it is, that you can go to people that have been there and done that and their Band-Aid is ripped off. They can tell you where they were and where you can be. Quit trying it. It's not in anything else but Jesus. Jesus said, Come unto me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I'll give you rest. I'll give you rest for your soul. He was wounded for our transgressions. He was bruised for our iniquities. By His stripes, we are healed. You say you've come this morning just like you've come every Sunday morning, and you have a situation in your life that you can't overcome, a hurt that you can't overcome, a wound that can't be healed, can't be healed because you're looking in the wrong place. The only place you need to look is to Jesus. The only hope that you have is Jesus. You see, God has a plan, and He has a purpose. And you're in that plan and you're in His purpose or you wouldn't be here this morning. God wants you to come.

Darrell Ingram: [00:27:10] And Jesus says, Lay it at the altar. Let me take care of it. Let me heal your wounds. Let me heal your hurts. Let me take care of it. Here's what I've always done, Pastor Richie. I've laid it down. And then on my way out, I grabbed it again. I'm simply not letting God be God. God says you leave it here. I have faith that I will take care of it. It may not be today. It may not be tomorrow. It may be the next day or the next day. But I guarantee you that God will bring healing and a fresh start in your life. Don't give up. Don't give up hope. It's still there. Hope is still there. Will you please stand and let's go to the Lord in prayer? Father, I know that many of us wander aimlessly. We wander around and around and around. It's like a merry-go-round. It just keeps going in circles, going around and around and around. And we try to jump off, but it's going too fast. So we can't throw our hurts and we can't throw our sorrows, our pains, our just failures. But at your feet. Father, right now, what I ask, stop the merry-go-round. Stop it from spinning so that we can jump off to lay those hurts and pains, hopelessness at the altar. And let you, let you give us a fresh start. Father, I pray in Jesus' precious name. Amen.

Bruce Goulart: [00:29:44] Man, what an amazing message that was from Pastor Darrell. Hey, if you need to make that next step, make that next move, I want you to text the word 'MOVE' right now. There should be a lower third coming on the screen where you can text the word 'MOVE' to the number on your screen right now. Hey, thank y'all so much for being with us this morning. We are going to be ending the Resurrection Road series this week. And next week, we will have a brand new series. So I hope you come, and I hope you see it. But look, that number is 318-413-6422 for you to text for your next step. And I want to say thank y'all again for being with us, and I hope you have a great week.

Recorded in Pineville, Louisiana.
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