Mothers and Wives

How Does God Use Mothers and Wives In A Godly Family?

James Greer
May 9, 2021    30m
God uses mothers and wives for a very special purpose in a godly family. Moms and wives are very vital in the family. Mothers are nurturers. They listen, teach, and meet the needs of the family that no one else can. It is important that we don't neglect our mothers and wives. Video recorded at Pineville, Louisiana.

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James Greer (00:00):
Happy Mother's Day. Let's hear it for the moms. Matter of fact, hey, if you're a mom stand up, would you? Stand up all you mothers. Woo! Let's hear it for y'all. Man, thank you, moms. Y'all have gone through it and we appreciate you. Man, I'm gonna tell you what we miss Michael and Brooke and Art and Debbie. They're on their way to Gatlinburg and they're going to have an exciting wedding. But man, we appreciate Carrie. Didn't they, man, they knocked it out. And then I tell you, I appreciate, I mean I love people online. But man, you missed it if you weren't in here today, didn't you? Man, you could feel it. Can you imagine this excited at 8:30 in the morning? Pastor Steven, happy birthday, my man. Thank you for what you do. Man, I walked back in there, the children's, the kids department, the nursery this morning. Man, it is fantastic back there. Isn't it? I mean my goodness. And then, man, if you were here in the child dedication, you had those pictures in those frames. Man, it is. To be honest with you, I think it's fantastic. You've just done a great job. You know? You're getting better as you get older, brother I love it. You're catching me. I mean mothers, y'all are such a great influence. I mean it's unbelievable. I was reading this morning about the prayers and the influence of mothers. Did y'all know Mary Washington, you know, she was left a widow and five children? You know her son was George Washington? He was one. I mean he did pretty good coming from. Amen? Andrew Jackson, military hero, seventh President of the United States, you know what he wrote? It was my mom and her teaching was the only capital I had to start out with life.

James Greer (01:55):
And on that capital, I made my way. He did pretty good, not bad. You know, Elizabeth in the Bible? She prayed. God sent her John the Baptist and John was pretty good. He was a forerunner of Jesus Christ. Hannah, she couldn't have children. It doesn't say anything about her husband wanting any more kids. Nothing. Prayed. God sent her Samuel. I mean did you know in 1 John 1:4, it says there is no greater joy than to hear that your children walk in truth? I usually don't think so much about it. But this morning, I was thinking about my mom. And my mom was kind of the spiritual leader of the house. I mean some of y'all have heard the stories when I wouldn't go to church older and she would leave Scripture under my pillow. And sometimes she would it on the walkway and I'd have to pick it up. And she'd say, I know you're going to throw it away. But what she didn't know, I'd usually read it first. And so my mother, she was kind of the spiritual one that got Scripture in me. And you know, the Bible says that God's Word won't return void. My dad lived it out. He didn't go to church. He didn't go church because he'd sit out in the garage and drink beer. And back then, they thought, oh, if they drank beer, they should go to church. Well, he was probably a better Christian than 90% of the people. You know? But she was just a really influence in my life. And I was thinking this morning, Hebrews 12:1 that we're surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses. And it says, throw away every sin that easily snares you and get back in the race. And I'm thinking, you know, for y'all to have your moms that are in Heaven, I think they're just saying, man, I'm glad you're in church today.

James Greer (03:52):
And they're just rooting us on. And I thought about the others like Janice and Randy. In fact, she didn't get it yet. I sent her a picture of Brandon and a lot of others, Lisa and a lot of you that have kids that are already gone before you in Heaven. And you're surrounded by them and they're saying Happy Mother's Day and they're glad you're in church. And so we're surrounded by those people. If you have your mother, if you have your kids, thank God for that. But for those of us that our moms and our kids and our grandkids that have gone on before us, I think we're surrounded by them and they're glad we're here and they're glad we're celebrating and they're just thanking God for that. So I'm just glad you're here and I'm excited today. And I was excited to be even at worship. I was thinking about women this week and Mother's Day. And we're starting a new series and it's Families Matter. In fact, next week you want to be here. And I'm going to be talking about what is family anyway today? That's going to be something. And then we're going to be talking about how to have harmony in a family instead of being harassed all the time. That's going to be something. Some of you think I go home and I'm just harassed. And I think God created you to have some harmony. You're going to have some harass time, but have harmony. So you're going to want to be here next Sunday and the next few Sundays because families matter. But today, moms, you matter.

James Greer (05:25):
And when I was thinking about that, one of the verses that always comes to your mind when you think about moms was the first mom. This is not in the message yet. This is just me enjoying today. And I always think about it. And the Lord said, man, it was not good for you to be alone. And it's not. I mean, man, you understand, men, the greatest gift next to God is your wife? And he said, it's not good. So I'm going to give him a helper. And so I looked at a helper different. This is not the message. I'm just for free. And I started looking in the Bible about a helper. And you start looking in Genesis and the children of Israel. And guess who their helper was? It was God. And in Genesis 14, and it says the most high who is their helper, help them defeat their enemy. It was God. The most high, the helper. He defeated their enemy. In one of the verses, in Genesis 35:3, it says, I built an altar who He helped me during my times of trouble. He was a helper. Who was? God was their helper. In Colossians, it said, God, help me to war against the Philistines and defeat them. In Judges 11:1, it says the Lord God is my helper, defeat the King. Then Isaiah 8:31, it said, and God helped to protect me. And man, I'm telling you, ladies, it's not bad. You are the helper. God is a helper. And that's what He called God. Amen? Then God sent us somebody to help us here, a physical person. And God was our spiritual helper. Amen? Y'all are our helper like nobody else can help. Thank you, God, for sending us helpers that we needed.

James Greer (07:13):
The main goal today is for you to leave and know that you matter. You matter to God. You matter to your husband. You matter to your family. And you're doing a better job than you can ever imagine. Moms, you matter. Proverbs 31:10, it says this. A wife of noble character. You met her as a wife. She's worth more than rubies. I love the way that the message puts it. It says you're worth more than diamonds. Diamonds though can cut both ways but I'm just saying. They can be expensive too though. Her husband is full of confidence in her and lacks nothing of value. I love that verse because, men, it tells us that our wives not only matter and they should matter to us but they have great value. See, you can have all the money in the world, all the rubies, all the diamonds and still not be happy. Just happens that way. You can't buy happiness. I was out to eat with my wife yesterday and we went somewhere different. And this lady came by. My wife's going to kill me. But anyway, we were just having a good time. And she said, Oh, Pastor James. I'm kind of scared sometimes when they say that. I don't know what I had just done. I had been good. I wasn't drinking or anything. You know? Not that I do. I'm just saying sometimes I might. But let's just don't even go there. But anyway, I was being good and we're laughing. And this lady stops and she said, Hey, Mrs. Debbie. And she said, man, she said, Pastor James, you're so lucky. I said, yeah, I know it. She said, your wife is still hot. And I just started laughing. I said, I told you. She said, quit saying that.

James Greer (09:38):
I said, honey, it's a compliment. Isn't that cool? Be out to eat and some lady comes up and says that? I said, yeah. I'm just grinning like crazy. You know? You can't buy that. Did y'all know the two richest people in the world, you know Bill Gates and what's the other guy's name? Jeff Bozey or Bezos? Whatever his name is. What is it? Something like that. Whatever it is. You know what it is? You know what they have in common? Not that they're both rich. They're both getting a divorce. It's known as two of the most expensive divorces in history. Can't buy that. You can have all the jets, all the planes, all the money. But you can't buy happiness and you can't buy joy. There's an important insight that you need to learn whether you're a man, woman, boy, or girl. You can't really win in life if you keep losing in relationships in life. God created you to have relationships. If you keep winning in your relationships, you can't really lose in life. That's success. I preach a whole lot on success. And people ask me all the time, what is success? That's success. Success is if you keep winning in your relationships. That's success. Success is having the people closest to you love you the most. That's success. When they love you and respect you the most, the people that know you the best, the people close to you the best, and you have good relationships, that is success. When your relationships are right, you can go through almost anything else in life. When your relationships are messed up, everything in life seems to be messed up.

James Greer (11:44):
See, they got all the money in the world and they just can't find happiness. Moms, you matter. Relationships, y'all matter. Go after relationships. That's what really matters. That's why we're doing a series on family matters. You matter as a wife. Second of all, you matter as a mother. It says, listen, my son, listen to your father for instruction. But listen, don't forsake your mother's teachings. My mother was the teacher in the house. Man, I lost so much good instructions. I didn't go in the ministry. I was in my 30s. I could've had so much wisdom if I had just listened earlier on. The truth in our house, my wife did most of the picking up. She brought most of the kids to the school. She did every bit as much teaching as I did. My teaching was when I finally got around old enough to thinking that I was supposed to teach the kids, I would do something like, okay, everybody, sit down and listen. I'm going to read the Bible. They were thinking, oh my God, would you get through? This was fun. I really thought I was doing, you know, you're supposed to teach them as you walk, as you sit. It was supposed to be a lifestyle and you teach them the Word as you go and as you come in. But I did it. Debbie's the one that really knew. She knew when they needed new underwear, not me. They could've just turned them inside out and wore them again as far as I'm concerned. I don't know. But I mean she knew. I'm just saying she knew what was going on in the house, not me.

James Greer (13:39):
I mean you know. You know young people's problem today? They're neglecting the teaching of their mothers. They're listening to the world and the TV and social media. I want to call them and say, how's that working out? How's that really going? I mean the truth is no one really loves you like your parents. You want to be blessed? Stop neglecting the teachings of your mom. If you really want to be blessed, you really want to be blessed, learn to draw it out, learn to pull it out. You don't do that today. Learn to pull out the wisdom from your mother. Proverbs 20:5, it says this. Through good advice, it lies deep within the heart. A person with understanding would draw it out. A person with, do you know that people who have real wisdom, real understanding, if you want it, you have to draw it out of that person. You look for that person. You draw it from that person. It's like drawing from a well. And most of y'all don't know what that is. But a well, it goes down deep and you have to either crank it out or pull it up. Okay? That's what you do. If you want the wisdom from somebody, you draw it like water from a well. They're not going to run around and say, hey, let me give you a lot of wisdom, let me give you great understanding. No. But they don't do that today. Proverbs 6:20 says this. It says, my son, obey your father's commandments but don't neglect your mother's what? Instructions. She's gotten instructions for you. And you should listen. Keep they word away in your heart. Time around your what? Your neck. It's telling you what to do. It's telling you how to do it.

James Greer (15:25):
When you walk, their counsel will lead you. When you sleep, they will protect you. When you wake up, they will what? Advise you. It's trying to give you direction on how to live your life. For their command is a lamp and their instruction is a light. Correction and instruction is a way of life. Did you know one of the translations, it's not only a way of life, it is the good life. In other words, would you like to have a good life? It says, it's advice. It gives you counsel. It saves you from harm. It'll guide and direct you. In fact, it says you want to have a strong, fresh, good life? Get the directions from your mother. And Ephesians tells you why. See, today young people think it's going to hurt them. The Bible says Ephesians 6:1, it says. children obey your parents in the Lord because it's the right thing to do. It says because it's right. Obey him in the Lord. When the Bible says obey him in the Lord, it says you better learn to obey the position sometimes even when you don't like the person. Same thing on your job. Sometimes you don't like the person you're working for. So you just obey the position. As long as they don't ask you to do something contrary to God's Word, you obey the position even when you don't like the person. And there's times in your job and there's times in your home, you don't like the other person. I bet there's times in my home my wife doesn't even like me.

James Greer (17:08):
If she was here, she would say amen. There's times my kids didn't like me. There's times my granddaughter doesn't like me. You know, sometimes I don't even care if they like me. But it's the position. And God put us in a position for a reason. And that's why the next verse says, honor your mother and father which is the first option in the Bible. It's the first commandment. I don't even say where it says anything about options. It says the first commandment with a promise. It didn't say it's the first option with a promise. Options when you go to Piccadilly. The Bible's not Piccadilly. Though you think it is. You think you get the Bible and you pick and choose what you want. When it says a commandment, it says you just gave up your options and you do what He says. And the reason that you do what He says it is because there's a reason. You do what He says or it's going to get worse. You have options but you don't have options about the outcome. Now look what He says. And why? That it will be well. You want it to be well or you want to have a wreck? Then you do what He says. You want to live a longer life or you want your life shortened? Do you really realize that you have a longer life or you wreck your life depending on whether you honor your mother and your father? And they have choices as long as you live under the roof and they're paying your bills. Some of you, that means you're 30 and you still need to honor them. At 40. But the devil, see, he wants you to rebel because he has rebelled from the beginning. See, the devil could have lived in Heaven but he rebelled against God and he got thrown out. Ever since he got thrown out of Heaven, he wants you to live like hell on earth. So he wants you to rebel. The devil wants you to think that your parents are against you. The TV does. The TV shows. Every even the dadgum cartoons are starting to teach you to rebel against your parents. Where do you think that comes from? Yeah, man, the devil's a liar. He's a cheater. The Bible says in John, he's the father of lies. But you don't have to believe that. God wants you to know the truth. Your mom loves you. Your dad loves you. God loves you. Grandparents sure love you.

James Greer (20:06):
God places authorities over you to protect you and guide you. 2 Timothy says this. When I called to remembrance, the genuine faith that is in you, he's talking to Timothy, was dwelt first in your grandmother. Thank God for grandparents. Amen? Let's hear it for the grandparents. Woo! I am one, grandfather. And your mother I'm persuaded is in you also. What's in you also? Well, I'll tell you, Timothy. He was talking about his faith. He was talking about Timothy's faith. See, Timothy chose to respect his mother and his grandmother. And he got his faith and strength from them. He respected them and learned to honor them. And Timothy was used in a great and mighty way. He went right under the leadership of his mother and grandmother under the leadership of Paul who wrote three fourths of the New Testament. Paul says, Timothy, you must've got your, you got your faith from your mother and your grandmother. And so Paul understood what it was like. And so therefore, when he got under the leadership of Paul, he said, man, I'm gonna respect Paul. I'm going to draw like from a well. And Paul could then use Timothy throughout the New Testament to do great and mighty things. So let's start getting ready, getting ready. We ain't closing. Getting ready to close. What could we learn from Eve, the first mom in the Bible? And Adam called his wife Eve because she was the mother of all living. He said, listen, I'm gonna call her Eve because man, it's the moms that bring life. I started to say life and death. It is moms that bring life to the family. Amen? I mean she had Cain. She had Abel. She had Seth. And they loved the Lord. I mean Cain, the first born, man, don't you know she must have dreams for him? Firstborn, man.

James Greer (22:24):
Yet he became very angry. When you get angry, your countenance falls. His fell. But the Lord had word for Cain. He said, why are you so angry? And when the Lord said, why are you so angry, he said, you don't have to stay angry. So if you came to church angry, if you're online angry, you don't have to stay that way. God said, you don't have to live that way. Why are you angry? Why has your countenance fallen? Young people, adults, everybody. I don't care what you're angry about. I don't care if it's your husband, your wife, your children. You don't have to stay that way. And God does not want you to stay that way. He says, if you'll do what's right, you'll be accepted. And really what that verse says, if you'll just do what's right, your joy will return. I just looked up that word this morning. Darrell, it's so cool. Where it's an accepted, do you know it can be joyful, joy and smile again? Is that cool? You can go from angry to have enjoyment. You can go from angry to smiling again. And when somebody's angry, they're not smiling. You don't have to stay angry. Choice is yours. But no. Stop blaming other people for your anger. Stop blaming your parents and other kids. And it's God's desire for you to get right, to be accepting, to love, forgive. Anger robs your joy. The devil deceives you and he'll put all kinds of thoughts in your mind. He wants you to stay angry. He wants you to stay mad. That comes right from the devil. Cain stayed mad and Cain talked to his brother Abel. And it came to pass that when he was in the field, Cain rose up against him and he killed his own brother. See, if you're not careful, if you don't deal with anger, even within your own family, it'll cause you to do things and say things you wish you had never done. Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord. He'll repay. Let God take care of it. You don't have to take care of it. Cain had a choice. He didn't have to do that. Parents, you can love the Lord and your children can still choose to do wrong things.

James Greer (24:58):
You can have more than one in the family, one chooses to do the wrong thing and you can have two more that serve the Lord. It was Seth that when people started calling back on the Lord again. It was Eve that committed the first sin. It was her son that committed the first murder. Yet God chose woman to bring redemption to the whole world. Why is it really clear that you matter to God and you matter to us? You met her as a mom. Husbands, we need to be more sensitive to how much they matter. Children need to be more sensitive and respect and value them. But the only way that moms and dads and wives and parents can be a more of influence is if we have the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior. No other way. We got to make a commitment whether the husband, wife, whoever you are. The Matthew 6:33 principle is what needs to be lived out. We've got to seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness where everything else will be added. We got to put Him first in our life. We got to have that influence. Then we don't have to worry about tomorrow. And so what I'm asking you today if you're not saved, the very first thing you gotta do is put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ. If you put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ, there's no better time than today to say, hey, not only do I put my faith and trust in Him, I want to live it out. I want to influence my family. I want to influence my kids. I want to influence people at work.

James Greer (26:50):
And today's the day that I want to do it. I either want to make Him my Lord. I want to make Him my Savior. I want to be right. I don't want to let my anger to influence somebody else. I don't want to do things and say things that hurt other people. I want to forgive anybody and everybody that comes to my mind. See, this is the life that I want to live out. I don't want to be so concerned about the outward things. And it can be men or women, not the fancy hair, not the jewelry, not the things that I can buy. We found out that the richest people in the world, they're not that happy. Are they? No. I can tell you what we want to be concerned about. We want to be concerned about what comes on the inside. See, beauty comes from within as a gentle and quiet spirit. That's precious in God's sight. That's what changes the world. It's humility that brings teaching. Ephesians 5 tells us this. It says, husbands, love your wife. It says, wives, respect your husbands. In other words, if you ask your kids in the family, would they say, hey, does your dad love your wife? Does your wife respect your dad? Do you see them living out for the Lord? Is there harmony in the home? Is today the day to rededicate your life? It could be and it should be. Would you stand and let me pray with you and pray for you?

James Greer (28:35):
God, you're an awesome God, a powerful God, a God that changes lives, changes marriages and changes homes. God, church is like a home. I thank you that we're here today. Man, I thank you that we're celebrating Jesus Christ and what He can do in and through anybody. God, for those that want to rededicate their lives, to make you the Lord of their life, the Lord of the home, the Lord of their families, help us to be better dads, better moms, better influences in the home. God, I pray that you'd put families together. I pray if there's any anger, that, God, that it's released right now. You say, God, you tell them right now, you'd accept them. You'd forgive them. They could have joy. They could have happiness. God, whether they need to accept you as their Lord and Savior, I pray they'd do that. They'd follow through in public baptism. Maybe they need to join the church. They can take the next step card. They can do that. Have somebody pray with them. We have people at the altar. God, whatever you lay up on their heart, I pray that you'd have your will and your way. I pray it in the precious name of Jesus. Amen.

Bruce Goulart (29:38):
On behalf of Pastor James, I just want to say thank you for doing online experience today. If you need someone to pray with you right now, we have people on standby. There should be a link in the description or in the comments section right now that you can click on and go to and someone will be with you right away. Also, I just want to say Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. We would not be where we are without y'all today. So I just want to say thank you. And I hope to see y'all next week.

Recorded in Pineville, Louisiana.
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