You are Born for Greatness, Pt. 2

Understanding How To Do Great Works As A Christian

James Greer
Apr 18, 2021    33m
Jesus said that we were born for greatness and to do great works as a Christian. In today's message, we will learn both what being born for greatness doesn't mean and the four steps to doing great works in furthering God's kingdom. Video recorded at Pineville, Louisiana.

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James Greer (00:00):
Amen? You do really understand what she was saying? What she couldn't find her purpose. And really the devil tries to make you think that it's hard for you to find God's purpose in your life. We're doing a series that you were born for greatness. But God's not trying to hide His purpose for your life. See, her radical change. I got to see her. I mean she was really almost depressed, discouraged, and didn't want to go to work. Wasn't happy at home. Wasn't happy anywhere. And you know, the radical change was she decided really that she was going to go to work and look for opportunity to minister to other people. And that's what we're gonna do. We're gonna help our people learn to minister. When you start finding your purpose, it radically changes your life. You know, I was looking right here and I see they have a shower today. Everybody's invited. It's from Micah and Brooke. So Sweet. It makes me believe in miracles again. I mean Brooke, you're going to marry Micah? Miracle Sunday. Anything can happen. It gives anybody hope. Bruce, where are you at? No, no, I'm just kidding.

James Greer (01:15):
Okay. All right. Take this out. Take this out. Stick to it. I mean we want a hundred people helping people, and we're going to help you help people. Amen? And the hundred people that sign up to help people, you're going to get the first book that's going to be out pretty soon that I'm writing now. It's called Be a World Changer. And we're going to invite you to the dream team next month and we're going to give you the book then what it is. You just sign up. You put your name, your email, your phone number, and your carrier. And we'll get you the help to help people. And one of the main helps you're going to get to help people, you're going to find out in the back that you can go over it. But listen, man, do you have this brochure?

James Greer (01:56):
This is fantastic. This is going to help you find your purpose right here. Because when you open it up, if you'll open up to the page that says, or, you can go back there and you can go and find a resource like follow the feeling, the truth to abundant life. That is a devotion book. You can now download it and have it free or you can send it text message to you, text every day to have a devotion. You can have how to have the gift of peace. You can download it and have your own devotion. The heart of a millionaire teaching you to transform. Create a marriage that lasts. That's fantastic. The 30-day marriage prayer. Did you know me and Debbie and about a hundred other couples have gone through that? Did you know that me and Debbie are going through it again? If you want to, not only sign on the back, you put your name, your mate's name, and your phone number and your carrier and say, I would like to go through that. Every single day, you'll get a short devotion and you and your mate can just go over it, talk about it. And man, I'm going through it the second time because I need it worse than anybody else. I mean yesterday, me and Debbie were riding down the road and I don't know what was happening. I said, maybe you need to read the devotion to me. And she said, maybe I do. I don't know what she meant by that.

James Greer (03:13):
But it just keeps you thinking about the main thing. Amen? So if you'll fill that out and you'll turn it in, we'll send it every day. You and your mate will get a devotion. Amen? But how about this? How about if you're at work and you know somebody, maybe they're having marriage problems and you said, man, how about I send you a 30-day devotion for you and your mate? Maybe they're not having marriage problems and they just want to grow together. Did you know that you can help them get a devotion sent to them every single day? Amen? And then on top of that, on the other side, it says help for hurts. You can download these and print them out and give them to somebody or use them yourself. I mean everybody gets discouraged. Amen? Did you know you can just go it, click on discouragement, download, and get all the helps. It has eating disorder. I need to read that one.

James Greer (04:02):
Fear, finances, forgiveness, stress, rejection, and pornography. It goes on and on. And all kinds of help for her. It's almost like a counseling tool. And you know, you can go back. The girls will teach you how to use it. You can download it. You can pick them up. You can print them out. But you can help other people. And on the back, how to find a small group. Over here, you can say, you can go to Journey Church. It says how to join the church. Salvation, baptism. Hey, start tithing. Everybody click that one. No, I'm just saying, these are just fantastic tools. The girls will be back there and they'll help you. Because see, the devil does not want you to find your purpose. He wants you to make it think it's hard to find your purpose where the truth is we're teaching you your greatest ministry opportunity's probably on your job, in your school, or your hobby. That's also where you live out your greatness. That's what she was talking about. When she found out that I can start living out my greatness where I'm at and I can start helping other people, I mean it changes your whole perspective on going to work. What if you go to work tomorrow, Monday, and you start saying, man, God, help me be aware who I can minister to?

James Greer (05:11):
Because one of the things I'm going to teach you today, one of the hardest things, most important things you can do is learn the difference between a divine encounter and a devilish disruption. Because when you have a divine encounter, God expects you to minister to that person. That is part of your purpose. Everywhere you go, whatever you go to work, God is going to give you opportunities. And if you're a manager or you own your company, you should have these resources available to people to take. They're out there. You can download them. You can print them out. They'll ought to be on a counter someplace. Because God has you there on purpose for a purpose. In fact, you know, in Isaiah, when it says, so shall my word goes forth out of my mouth, it shall not return void but it will accomplish its purpose. Man, one of the greatest things you can do, you keep getting God's word out, God's word out, God's word out and it'll accomplish His purpose. You have hundreds of people distributing God's word and His purpose will be accomplished. Amen?

James Greer (06:09):
Okay. I want you to know that you were born for greatness. So many people just living an ordinary life. Just ordinary life. How you doing? Okay, just okay. God wants you to live an extraordinary life. John 10:10 says the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. I think when you say destroy, I think one of the things he does is he wants to destroy you from learning what you were created for. Destroy you learning your purpose. But Jesus said, I've come that you could have life and you could have it more abundantly. You find the abundant life when you begin to live out your purpose and your purpose is to minister to other people that God put in your path wherever you're at. So Jesus tells us we were born for greatness. He tells us in John 14:12. He says this. Most assuredly, He says, I want you to know for sure, that I say to you, he who believes in me. Do you believe in Him? Amen? The works that I do, he will also do. He do also. And greater works than these he will do because I go to be with the Father. He says, I'm going to be with the Father. So I want you to do greater works than I do. I mean if you do greater works on Jesus, that's pretty great works. Amen?

James Greer (07:32):
And then He tells us how to do it. He says, and whatsoever you ask in my name that I will do. Why? That the Father might be glorified in the Son. He said, if you ask anything in my name, I'll do it. In other words, one of the things you should be doing as we're going through this series for greatness, you should say, God, how do you want me and what do you want me to do where I can do greater things? How can you use me on the job? Not that I can be great but that I can do greater things. When you start ministering to people and you start doing your greatest work, you'll have a new excitement, fulfillment that you've ever had. Not that you're great, but you're doing greater things that bring honor and glory to God. So what does it mean really? Or what does it not mean really? It doesn't mean that you're going to be great. It simply means you're going to be greater. One of the devil's lies and deceptions is to try to get you to use your talents and your gifts so you would be great. That's not at all what it says. That won't make you happy.

James Greer (08:35):
What God says in Matthew 25:21 says, these are the words everybody wants to hear at one time or another, his Lord said to him and to her, well done. Good and faithful servant. You've been faithful over a few things. I'll make you ruler over many. Enter into the joy of the Lord. Don't you want to hear that one day? Don't you want to hear God saying, listen, while you're here on earth, you've been faithful over a few things. I will make you over ruler over many thing. Enter into the joy of Lord. It's when you're faithful over a few things that God makes you ruler over many things is that you began to enter into the joy of the Lord. But so many people, they're not hearing that. They're hearing words like I'm exhausted. I am just so busy. Free insight. I am a great counselor. Are y'all ready? Who's making you so busy? Who's in charge of your business? You. I don't know if JD's here or not but I'm giving that counseling for free. Here's what JD says. How's that working for you?

James Greer (09:46):
I knew I'd get an amen sooner or later. But if not, go see JD. Amen, JD? Okay. But they're exhausted. They're unfulfilled. They're unhappy. They're frustrated no matter what they achieve. But wouldn't it be better if you heard enter into the joy of the Lord? That's what God wants for you. It also, it doesn't mean you're going to do greater miracles. There's some people, man, they're just waiting for the big thing. They say, man, I'm going to be happy. I'm going to be spiritual high. I mean when I do the great miracles, when Brother James does the great miracle, then we're going to really go for it. Miracles really in the New Testament, they were to prove to the Jews that He was the Messiah. And even then they didn't believe it. In John 2:18, it says, the Jews said to Jesus. I mean listen to this. Can you imagine talking to Jesus, show us a miracle? Prove you have the right to do these things. Can you imagine going to Jesus, just prove who you are? I mean He's the Messiah. He's the King of Kings. He's the Lord of Lords. And later on in John 4:48, He tells them, listen to this. Jesus said unto them, to the Jews, unless you people see signs and wonders, you're not gonna even believe. In other words, the signs and wonders were mainly for the Jews. And it's not the miracles that Jesus says you do great thing. Jesus tells us in Luke chapter 10, what He believes are great things. He's telling you what He wants you to do that He considers greatness. He says the 70 returned with joy. Jesus sent the 70 out. Every Sunday, you come in church. Amen?

James Greer (11:26):
Every Sunday you come into church. Amen? But when you leave, we send you out. Now when you return back, we want you to return with joy. Saying, Lord, even the demons are subject to us in your name. Just preached about that while ago. Did you know that, Micah? You said we had authority. So we still do. Amen? And he said to them, I saw Satan fall like lightning from Heaven. Behold, I give you the authority to trample over serpents and scorpions and over the power of the enemy. And nothing shall by any means hurt you. Now, man, they're just rocking and rolling. They're talking about everything they had done. And then, but Jesus says, nevertheless, I don't want you rejoicing that the spirits are subject to you though they are. Do you understand the devil has to obey Jesus? He has to. He has to do whatever Jesus tells him to do. But he said, I want you to rejoice in this. These are the greater things because your names are written in Heaven. That's the great things. Amen? He said, the most important thing you can do today is to make sure that your name is written in the book of Heaven. And the second most important thing you can do is help other people have their names be written in the book of Heaven. Amen? That is your purpose. That is your plan. And at that hour, Jesus even rejoiced in the spirit. And he said, I thank you, Father, Lord of Heaven and earth, that you've hidden these things from those people are wise and prudent but you've revealed them to the babe. Even so, Father, you know, for it seemed good in your sight.

James Greer (13:03):
He said, you know, when you're out doing your part to help other people have their names written in Heaven, you're doing great works. You're doing such great works, it pleases not only you, it pleases Jesus. It said they returned with joy. Not only did they returned with joy, Jesus said that He rejoiced in it too. Wouldn't you like to have joy and wouldn't you like to bring joy to Jesus? Amen? That's doing great works. Began to do greater things. In Matthew 23:11, it says, but he who is greatest among you shall be the servant. And whoever exalts himself will be humble. And he who humbles himself shall be exalted. In other words, God said, there's nothing wrong with greatness. Just do it with humility. And then Philippians 2:3 tells us how you do it. It tells us this. When you do things, do not do it selfishly or with pride. Instead, be humble and give more honor to others than to yourself. Do you know what that means? When you come into a room, when you go to school, you don't worry about what everybody's thinking about you. You don't worry about what you look like, what you act like. You worry about what you can give. In other words, when I come into church, I don't really worry so much about what I look like. Thank God. If I worry about what I look like, I'd wake my wife up in the early in the morning when she can't see. And I'd say, honey, how do I look? She always says something. Oh honey, you look so good. I know she can't see me. I don't care. I believe her anyway. I don't come to church for that. You know what I come to church for? When I come to church to preach, I come to what I can give to you. That's what I do.

James Greer (14:53):
And that's what you do. That's what true humility is, is when you come into a room, you come into a class, you look for the one. You go to work, you look for the one. You look for the person that you can help. You look for the person you can minister to. Did you know the real truth about humility? Do you know that Jesus didn't go around washing everybody's feet? He did wash feet but that was just a type of Him showing humility. I mean y'all want me to come to church and wash everybody's feet? Ain't no way, Jose. I did do it one time to the staff. Y'all remember that? Only did that one time. No, I mean it wasn't that. It was A point. It was a picture. It was a type. He was saying, I want your greatness to be done in humility. Amen? He wants you to understand to do it in humility. But God says, I want you to really understand that you're going to have divine encounters. You're gonna have divine encounters by God where you can begin to live out your greatness wherever you go. That is your purpose. Understand that you're going to have divine encounters by God where you live out your greatness wherever you go. One of the hardest things you'll ever do, if you want to live out your greatness for God is learn the difference between divine encounters by God and devilish disruptions. Is this a distraction or divine encounter?

James Greer (16:16):
See, that can be lived out with people that disrupt you, even good people. Or it can be lived out in personal. When you need to say, hey, man, I need to get up and go study. And then you have a devilish disruption that says, no, no, no, I'm not going to do that. I'm going to sleep. It can be when you go to church. instead, you stay home. It can be somebody that takes up too much of your time when you need to be ministering to somebody else. But it can also be somebody that interrupts you. Have you ever been interrupted and before long you said, hey man, I'd love you to come to church and they say yes? And you say, oh, precious Jesus. And God just worked it out and before long, y'all are talking about the Lord. And they're saying, man, you know, it's been a long time since I've been in church and I need to be in church. And all of a sudden, it ended up being a divine encounter instead of a devil disruption. I've had people that's come up to me and then after they walked away, God convicted me that, hey, that was a divine encounter and I missed my opportunity. And what I do now is I just say, God, just forgive me and look for the next one. See, God wants you to be ready. He wants you to live out your greatness.

James Greer (17:25):
In Matthew 20:26, it says, you shall be among you. Yet who shall be among you, but whosoever desires to be great among you, let him be your servant. And whosoever desires to be first among you, let him be the slave. In other words, first of all, you got to have a desire. Do you have a desire to do great things for God? See, greatness is achieved through the correct understanding of servanthood. The correct understanding of servanthood is not go from place to place, washing watching everybody's feet. The correct understand of servanthood is to serve through humility. It's whether you're teaching what Jesus did, whether it's healing what Jesus did, emotional, whether it's defending people. See, you gotta have the right understanding of greatness. 2 Chronicles 16:9 says, the Lord runs to and fro throughout the whole earth, looking for somebody that He can show Himself strong, who's loyal to Him. God wants to use people. Matthew 4:8 says this. The devil, he took him, Jesus, up to an exceedingly high mountain and he showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and all the glory. That's what people are looking for today. And he said to Him, all these things, I'm going to give to you if you'll fall down and worship me. It was a devilish disruption encounter. And Jesus said to him, away with you, Satan, for it is written. You shall worship the Lord thy God and Him only you shall serve. And he had to leave.

James Greer (19:02):
See, it was a devilish encounter. The devil tried to get Jesus to shortcut His greatness. Be careful that you don't try to shortcut what God has for you. True greatness usually comes with a price. You usually have some hardships. If you try to shortcut it, you'll miss your true greatness. See, Jesus instead, He humbled Himself. And He went to God and He went to the cross. That humility caused him to go to the cross. But then He was raised from the dead. He now sits at the right hand of the Father and He rules and He reigns. So number one, first thing, if you want greatness, you have to humble yourself and do it in humility. Second of all, you have to do it with the right attitude. Whether you're serving or teaching or healing or defending, you got to do it with the right attitude. Man, I almost skipped this part. You know, the thing about it, when I preach something, I can choose. But anyway, in Matthew 5:43, first, it's humility. Second, attitude. You've heard it. It said, you shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy. I have no problem with that. I said, let's rock it, Jesus. Let's skip the rest of it. But Jesus said, love your enemy. Bless those who curse you. Do good to those who hate you. Pray for those who despitefully use you and persecute you. There's the problem. Did anybody come to the Lord's supper Wednesday night, a few Wednesday nights ago? Well, I did. But anyway, so I get convicted. There Was somebody that I hadn't forgiven. You know? And so, I mean God made it real clear. I said, okay. After I said, okay, God, I forgive them. I didn't want to tell them I forgave them and I needed to ask them to forgive me. So how long has that been? Two weeks. Now we come up. Guess what the message is? I had already written the message.

James Greer (21:07):
And so now I'm getting ready for it. Saturday, I said, man, you know, now I've got to text this person. So now I got to text them and say, man, I want to forgive you and ask you to forgive me and dah, dah, dah, dah, and all these things. You know? And I'm going to tell you, that's hard. And so I did. And my wife, later on, we're eating lunch. I said, mama, I really had to get this off my heart and I had to text them and ask them to forgive me and that I could forgive them. And she said, well, that's good, honey. What did they do? I said, man, they were so gracious. They encouraged me. And they said, yes, they did. So thankful for it. And I said, she said, well, isn't that great? I said, yeah. I said, you know what? I was letting it build and I was getting angrier and angrier and angrier. And I said, really, I was making a big deal out of nothing on my own self. I was just hurting me. It's hard. But it humbles. It's hard. It humbles us. But it helps us. It freed me up. I felt better. I said, thank you, Jesus. I told my wife. I said, mama, I don't want to appear before the Lord and have somebody that I hate.

James Greer (22:16):
I don't want to appear before God and have somebody I haven't forgiven. Can I tell you that God wants us to be humble but He wants us to have the right attitude if we're going to do greatness? I want to do great things for God. And He's planted in your heart if you're saved, you want to do it too. There are some people in here, you need to really humble yourself just because of pride. And that pride is causing you not to ask forgiveness or to forgive somebody. Maybe somebody abused you. If you've been abused, do not put yourself back in the situation to be abused. But don't let what that person did to you define who you are or destroy you. You forgive them where you can move on. Another reason to forgive them is let God be the judge. Romans 12 tells us, Romans 12:17, it gives us a really good. It says, repay no evil for evil. Have regard for good things in the right and the sight of all men. Then it goes on. If it is possible. Sometimes I don't think it's possible. If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceful with all men and women. Doesn't say that. I added that. Behold, beloved, do not avenge yourself. You know why? But rather give place to wrath, for it says, it's written, vengeance is mine. I will repay, says the Lord.

James Greer (23:46):
Do you know what it's saying? As long as you stay mad, as long as you try to pay them back, God said, have at it. God says, you forgive. Get yourself out of the way and let me be the judge. If there's really something that needs to be taken care of, God says, I'll take care of it, not you. But as long as you're in the way, I won't do it. Amen? So get out of the way. Third, third. So we got humility. Right? We got the right attitude. Now we've got to have the right actions. Three things. If you want to do greatness. If you want to do great things for God', say amen. Third, action. Matthew 8:2. Oh man. This is unbelievable. Suddenly, a man with leprosy. Say leprosy. He approached Jesus and he knelt before Him. Can you imagine this person with leprosy and he comes running and he kneels before Jesus? Let me give you a picture of what leprosy might look like. And he came and he ran and he knelt before me and he knelt before you. What would you do now? Do you see him? Nope. Yep. Thank you. Now what? Are you as excited as you were? I like just to read it. I don't want to imagine the real truth of what Jesus did. Jesus often helped people that were the most needy, that nobody else wanted anything to do with. And suddenly, this man with leprosy, he approached Jesus and he knelt before Him. And he said, Lord, the man said, if you're willing, you can heal me. You can make me clean.

James Greer (25:21):
Jesus reached out and touched him. And He said, I'm willing. Be healed. And instantly, the leprosy disappeared. Can I tell you something? There's nobody in here has a greater need than that person that had leprosy did. And the same Jesus that reached out and touched him wants to touch you. And He said, I'm willing. Why in the world would anybody whether you're downstairs, upstairs, or online that has a need not bring it to Jesus today? He says, I'm willing. I'm willing. He said, I'm willing to meet your needs. I looked through after that and I found out that there was a Centurion soldier that had one of his servants that was in great need. And Jesus said, I'll come and heal him. And Jesus did. And he was a man of great authority. We can serve those that are in authority. Sometimes you forget that your boss, your teacher also has needs and maybe you need to serve in that way. I saw Jesus get in a boat that was where all the disciples were fearful and just brought peace. Sometimes you minister to people that are in turmoil that need peace. I saw a lady that was caught in adultery and the religious and the self-righteous people went to Jesus and said, don't you think we should stone her? And Jesus said, he that has not sinned cast the first stone. Anybody in Journey Church that hadn't sinned? Now I know most of y'all in Journey Church, y'all bunch of sinners. Some of you worse than others. We're all sinners though.

James Greer (27:21):
We don't have anybody at Journey Church that's not a sinner. Not downstairs, not upstairs, not anywhere. We're all sinners and then some. Amen? So don't be casting any stones at anybody else. But did you know what Jesus did? One of the way you serve sometimes as you help defend the defenseless. Don't jump in and hurt people. In fact, the Psalmist said, defend the poor and the fatherless. Defend those people that are in need. That's one of the ways that we serve. So Jesus tells us that we do it through humility. We do it through our actions. We do it through our attitudes. That gives us a way to do it. We do it through our money. Our money is where our heart is and we don't only further our kingdom but we further God's Kingdom. So let me give you some practical application as we close. Before I do, I want to remind you of one thing more than anything else that when the one who had leprosy came and knelt before Jesus and he said, Jesus, you could heal me if you will. And Jesus reached out and touched him. The most unlovable, untouchable person there was. Jesus put His hand on him and said, I'm willing. And you know what that's a picture of? That leprosy is a picture of sin, some of the worst sin there could be. Maybe you have some of the worst hurts in your life, the worst sins in your life and you're here today. And Jesus wants you to know that He's willing to forgive you and touch you if you'll allow Him. So in a minute, we're going to give an invitation and Darrell and some of the other ones will come to front. Why would you not come and let Jesus who's willing to help you? Second, some of you just been living an ordinary life and you're tired of it. And you want to come, maybe by next step or come to the front and say, hey, I'm ready to start living an extraordinary life.

James Greer (29:27):
It's like the two that got baptized. They were so excited. I went back there and talked to them. They said, man, we are so excited to be at a church that's excited. Maybe you're not excited and you need to be excited about going to work Monday. And you're saying, hey, I'm going to go to work and I'm going to look for somebody to minister to. And you're going to go to the back and we have all this material to help you. And you're going to go back and the girls will help you learn how to use it and how to download it. Maybe the truth is you hadn't had a desire and you've lost your desire. And you need to come and just pray with them and pray for them. And say, God, would you give me a desire to serve you and to do great things for you? God, you know, maybe, you know somebody that's lonely or helpless in need. Maybe you need to defend those that are defenseless. God, would you help me this week, listen real close, would you help me know the difference between a divine encounter and a devilish disruption? And when you send forth the divine encounter, that I'll minister to that person in word, in deed, in action with the right attitude? That's when you start accomplishing your greatness. I wouldn't leave today without going back there and saying, hey, I'm going to use this material. For y'all that have a business and freedom to use it, there's no way I wouldn't have it out there, making it available to people, making it useful where you can use it, where you can minister, where you can give it out, where you can supply, where you can help. Find your purpose and find your greatness. Okay. Would you stand with me?

James Greer (31:11):
Father, I thank you for today. I thank you that Jesus is here. I thank you for His willingness. I pray for those that, God, that maybe not like the leprosy but God to them it's real. They're hurting. They're missing something. They need a touch by Jesus. It's a picture of how one touch can so radically change your life. And Jesus said, I'm willing. Just imagine that Jesus is saying to you, whatever your greatest need, whether it's personal, emotional, spiritual, financial, and Jesus said I'm willing to help. Would you come and let Him help you? Maybe today's the day you want to make it official to join the church. Maybe you've been visiting. Maybe you want to come to the front. Maybe you want to take a next step card. And you say, hey, I want to make it official. Maybe you want to follow through in public baptism. And you say, hey I'm going to come today and I'm going to make it public that I want to follow through. And the death, the burial and resurrection. Maybe that you just have a need, a burden and you want to come and you want to give it to that person. Maybe you want to be part of the hundred that are going to be helping people through giving material and you signed up for that. Maybe you're one of the ones that want a devotion sent to you every day. And you just write that and you start getting it where you can continue to grow in the Lord. Whatever God's laid upon your heart, I pray that you'd let Him have his will and His way. It's in the precious name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

Bruce Goulart (32:35):
On behalf of Pastor James, I just want to say thank you for tuning into our online experience today. Wasn't that just an amazing second week of our series, Born for Greatness? I'm already in love with this series so much. I also just want to say, if you need someone to pray with you right now, we have people on standby, willing to pray with you. All you have to do is hit the link in the comments section and fill it out and someone will get with you right away. We also have this amazing Journey Church app. If you go to JCPineville in your app store, you can download it. And this is a way to reach other devotionals by Pastor James. So we hope that you download it and get connected with Journey Church. Thank you and I hope to see y'all next week.

Recorded in Pineville, Louisiana.
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