You are Born for Greatness, Pt. 4

Understanding How To Live A Godly Life Through Good Works

James Greer
May 2, 2021    39m
What's the most important part of how to live a godly life? God has a purpose for each one of us and he has positioned us for our purpose. He wants you to multiply what He has given you and carry on the good works that His Son Jesus started to bring glory to the Father. Video recorded at Pineville, Louisiana.

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James Greer (00:02):
Good morning, Journey Church. And you were definitely born for greatness. Amen. And this is the last message on You Were Born for Greatness. So I'm going to take some time and really walk through it. And next Sunday, we start, Hey, Family Matters. and it will be a series on mothers matter. So we want to encourage you to come to that. Amen? I'm going to tell you this is the last weekend we're going to have all this material in the back. But listen, you can always go to and you can download most of it. You can print it out. I mean this is a fantastic material on good works checkup. I'm gonna tell you, this 30-day marriage prayer, me and my wife are doing it again and it sends us a text every single day and it reminds us. And then we read it to each other. It's just fantastic. Kind of keeps you back on a spiritual checkup on yourself. This Help for Hurts, I mean it's like a quick counseling tool. You can go right through there and find something and download the material to help you. I'm going to tell you there's out there on the back and everybody should be using that. That's one of the ways you grow. The only guarantee that life's going to get better is you continually grow spiritually. Amen? And that's what we're trying to do.

James Greer (01:16):
Before we get into the message, I want to kind of share my heart with you a little bit. I woke up thinking, what would people lose if they lost you? I mean what would they lose? I really thought, what would they lose if they lost me? I want us to learn to live for something bigger than ourselves. Some people are walking around and they think they're God's gift to God. It really is not that way. God gave you gifts to be used to serve other people. Some of you are living like it's you for and no more. You know? And till you live past those for, you're not really living. The really truth is I woke up one morning this week and I really realized that many of the people that I'm preaching to won't make it to the end of the year. I said every single Sunday, that a lot of the people that I'm preaching to aren't going to make it to the end of the year. Now what y'all are thinking, y'all think because I'm one of the oldest, it's going to be me. You're right whoever said that. Some people know they might not. Fred Ruggles, he might not. I pray he does. But he might not. Janice, we pray that she does. Amen? But she might not. On top everything else, she got corona now, the virus. So let's pray for her.

James Greer (03:16):
They know they might not. What really troubled me is those people that don't know it, don't think about it, and doesn't trouble them. They're kind of living for themselves and dying to their themselves. Me and my wife were driving around this weekend and we drove around and there was a person that just passed. And we were driving and he had thousands of acres of land and millions of dollars. And we said, what difference did it make that he's gone? It was none. None here and none in Heaven. And I told my wife, I really don't want to die that way. I don't want to die and say I made no difference. People might come to the funeral. I'm not sure his children even did. You know, but it's really what happens after the funeral that matters. What happens after the funeral is what lasts for eternity.

James Greer (04:24):
Most of life's success is really listen. Mica just said, hey, in nine days, we get married. Can I tell you a little secret? They've been celebrating and celebrating, celebrating, celebrating, getting married. They been going and they're doing and they're going to have a little honeymoon. The real success is what they do after they get married. Amen? I mean when you get a job, you're so excited. I've had people come pray. Hi, Brother James. Pray that God opens the door and they get the job. Man, they're so excited. Can I tell you what you do after the job is going to greatly determine your success? Most of success is determined by what you do after you make the decision. Me and my wife, we've been married almost 48 years. Amen? Do you know the reason the marriage has been successful? Not what we did when we got married. It's what we've done since we got married. Amen? Death is different.

James Greer (05:17):
Your success in death and what happens after you die is what you do before you die. It's the only thing I know. It's how you live before you die is gonna greatly determine how you live in eternity. Wow, Brother James, that is strong. That makes you open your eyes. That makes you think. I gave this out last week and we can talk about it later. Works that matter. And I said, you know, this is what's going to matter, how you behave among the unbelievers, among the unsaved, how you influence them, how you doing, how you tithe, how you give your money. That's good works. How you show hospitality to people, how you minister to people, how you witness to the unsaved, how you witness, why you're suffering, how you finish the race, I mean how you use your gifts, how you use your talent. I mean those things are going to last after this life's gone. But most of the other things are going to be gone. They're just not going to last.

James Greer (06:23):
What used to trouble me is all the people that came to our church had messed up lives. I'm so glad that we have a church that people can come, they're all messed up. Aren't you? Amen? A lot of church, when you're really messed up, you can't come to church. Our church is a place that people that have really messed up can come and we can still love them. Amen? Y'all thought I was going to say something else. Not me. I mean I know people that have messed their lives up. I know, we know one that just really messed up and I mean we saw him right after he messed up and we could actually love him right then. I mean just right then. And because we could love them right then, they're getting help and their lives are changed. I was so blessed this week. I went out with a couple of different guys and man, they had really mess their lives up, falling from the top to the bottom. And they're trying to crawl their way back up. And man, they're dependent upon God. They know, man, God has humbled them and they have to depend upon God so much. They said, man, if we don't depend upon God, we're going to mess up again. And man, the other one said the same thing. And you know, I used to really worry about them. I'm not so worried about them now.

James Greer (07:31):
You know what really worried me after that? Is the people that come every Sunday and they think they got it all together. Or they're not serving. They're not giving. They're not using their gifts. They're not volunteering at church. They're not ministering at work. And how you cannot volunteer at this church, I don't know. I mean we've got so many places. All you gotta do is take your next step card and say, I want to volunteer. We got a place from the nursery to the senior adults. Amen? They're really coming to church and they're thinking, oh, I'm not messed up like those old people are messed up at Journey Church. And it's easy to come here and find messed up people. Amen? Starting with me. Some people like to come to our church just because I'm so messed up. People say, I like to come there because you're real. What they really mean is because you mess up all the time. I told CR one time, the reason I don't come to CR all the time because if y'all really knew me, y'all wouldn't come back to church. It's funny but it's not.

James Greer (09:01):
And so God really burdened me about that. So it was the ones that say I got it together and I'm really not messed up like those other people. God's not going to really ask you when you get to Heaven those questions. He's going to ask you what you did with the gifts that He gave you, not them, not the other people you're judging. How are you doing with what He gave you? There were some Pharisees in the Bible in Luke 18:13 and they kind of thought that they were very religious people. If they were at church today, if they were at Journey Church, they wouldn't come to Journey Church because we're too messed up. But if they were, you would think, boy, they're so religious, man. And the Pharisees, they stood of course by themselves because they didn't want to get dirty with anybody else. And they prayed this prayer. I thank God that I'm not like those other people. They're cheaters, sinners, adulterers. I'm certainly not like that tax collector.

James Greer (10:16):
And I'm telling you if you're here today and you're a cheater and a sinner and sexual sins and tax collector like talked, mixed up with the wrong things, you should surely confess those sins. But how about pride? But the tax collector, he stood at a distance. He didn't even lift his eyes to Heaven. And he prayed. Instead, he beat on his chest in sorrow. He was sorry about the life that he lived. And he said, God, be merciful to me. You know what I pray? That God's merciful to us. I pray that God doesn't give me, I pray that God doesn't give you, I pray He don't give the people online, I pray He doesn't give you what you deserve. I pray He gives you what you need. Amen? Because if He gave anybody here what they deserve, He'd wipe us all out. For I'm a sinner. Did you know the truth is I'm a sinner. You're a sinner. We're all sinners. Did you know in 1 John 1:9, he says, if you say, you're not a sinner, you called God a liar. So do you know everybody here sins? You do know that? Amen? So quit trying to be so self righteous.

James Greer (11:30):
And Jesus said, I tell you this sinner, the ones that Journey Church that know they're sinners. Not the Pharisees. They're going to return home justified before God. For those who exalt themselves, you're going to be humbled. Those who humble themselves, they're going to be exalted. You know what I pray today more than anything, more than the whole message? I pray that every single person today would humble themselves and go home justified. Do you know what it means to be justified? It's just like you had never sinned? Wouldn't you like to go home just like you had never sinned? Amen? You know how you do that? You get right with God and you get right with other people. And when you really get right with God and get right with other people, you're justified before God just like you had never sinned. Amen?

James Greer (12:22):
I can tell you another something. You're positioned on purpose for a purpose. You're positioned on purpose for a purpose wherever you're at. You're positioned there. It can be at home. It can be a job. It can be at work. It can be retire. It can be in business. It can be on your hobby. Wherever your position, you're positioned there on purpose right now. And by the way, you ready? Who you're married to right now, that's what God wants you to stay married to. Oh, Brother James, you are so wise. You're in the position you're in for a purpose. You ready? Just start living out your purpose. It's bigger than you. Start enjoying it. See, when you really start living out your purpose, guess what? You have a joy that's bigger than you are. I tell you, I think when you really start living out your purpose on purpose and you understand you’re positioned on purpose, you got a joy that's unbelievable. It's not where you work. It's not who you work with. It's who you work for. Amen?

James Greer (13:33):
Jesus, He used to travel around. And it tells us in Matthew 5:38, it said, He traveled. He said He had traveled. He'd go from town to town to village to village. I'm going to say you go from job to job from place to place from hobby to hobby. And He was teaching in the synagogue. It should always be on our mind that Jesus is with us wherever we go. We should always want to tell and help and minister to people. He was preaching the good news. The good news is He's mending broken relationship. Man, broken relationships is tearing the world apart. One of the words for good news is the gospel but it's also mending broken relationships. Jesus went about mending broken relationships. We're to go about mending broken relationships, about the Kingdom of God, healing all kinds of diseases and all kinds of sicknesses. But when He saw the crowds, He felt sorry for them. Really most of the time when you go to work or you go out in a crowd, if you watch them very long, you should feel sorry for them. I called I think it was Richie end of this week. And I said, how was the crowd? The thing at Beulah. And how'd everybody go? And Fred who has cancer, how'd it go for him? He said, well, we prayed and we cried because there was somebody that didn't have joy.

James Greer (15:06):
Fred's the one who has cancer. He was praying and crying for somebody else that didn't have joy. Amen? Explain that would you please. So y'all stop me after church and you tell me how that happens. Because you're going through the crowds, you're going through life, and you're looking for people and they're sick and they're hurt. And you feel for them and you feel sorry for them because they're hurting and they're helpless. They're like sheep without a shepherd. And Jesus said to His followers, man, there's so many people, so many people that need help, so many people to harvest but the workers are few. And Jesus said, I'm going to pray to the Lord, the Lord of the harvest, that He's going to send more workers. That's me and you. We're answering the call. We're answering Jesus' prayer. And He said, as you travel from place to place, from work to work, from job to job, from hobby to hobby, from school to school, from shopping to shopping, from haircut to the haircut, that we're aware that people are hurting. And we're there to minister to them and that is our ministry. You're positioned on purpose. You've got the good news. You've got the answer. The answer is Jesus Christ. He's the only one that can bring healing to the hurting. Amen?

James Greer (16:33):
That's what burdened me. That's what bothered me. That's what woke me up. That's what stirred my heart more than the message. And I said, God, every week I preach to the people. I want them to know that some of them aren't going to make it to the end of the year. I want you to know what really matters. I want you to live your life out, something bigger than you. I want you to live out when you're at the end of the life and you appear before God and He says, well done, thy good and faithful servant, you knew what mattered. You lived it out and you lived it out with joy and you made a difference in the world. I want you to start today. I want you to leave here justified as you have never sinned. Sure, we going to recap the message but I just preached the message that really mattered. If you leave here today and you go back to work the same way, you're just like the Pharisee. You think you got it all together and you're going to be sorry. He that exalts himself, you will be humbled. And more worse than that, if you're not humbled here, wait, you get to Heaven. Heaven matters. It's going to be an eternity. It doesn't matter if you live to 200 here. It's like a blink of an eye. You are going to give an account for your work, not your sins if you're saved. And my goodness, if you're not saved, please get saved today because it matters what happens after your funeral. You can't change it.

James Greer (18:15):
God forbid that you live in hell for eternity. There's no place in the Bible that says you can change what happens after you leave earth. Our key scripture all along is this whole thing has been John 14. It's been that you were born for greatness and it really means you were born to do greater things. You were born to live out your greatness. You're here for a purpose. You were born for a purpose. And I want you to leave today understanding how easy and how clear it is to live your purpose out. It's not something magical. It's not something that's hard. It's something that's clear. Jesus isn't hiding His purpose from you. He's making it clear to you. I'm going to read John 14:12 through 14 one more time. Most assuredly, God says, I don't want any doubt about it. I say it to you. He who believes in me, first of all, you need to believe in Jesus Christ to go to Heaven. The works that I've done, you will also do and greater works than them you will do because I have gone to the Father.

James Greer (19:21):
He said, listen, I went to the Father and I'm leaving my good works up to you. And He said, one of the ways you can know it, whatever you ask in my name, I'm going to do it. Ask God what good work would you have me doing? Good works that's going to glorify the Father and the Son. That's the kind of works that He's called you to do. And then He goes on and sums it up and says, listen, if you ask anything in my name, I'm going to do it. It was written in the context of the good works that you're to do. Number one, your greatest works and opportunities to work is going to be on your job, in school, in your hobbies, and where you go on a day-to-day basis. That's how you live out your greatness. Day to day. You go to work, you go to school, wherever you go, say, well, I'm retired. I'm retired, you're retired. So we're retired. So we wake up today and we say, God, I'm looking for an opportunity to minister someone today. It changes your whole perspective. Let's say you work. God, I'm going to work today. I'm going to school today. And I'm looking for somebody to minister to. It changes your perspective on your job and your life.

James Greer (20:35):
That is your purpose. Your purpose is to minister somebody else. There's times you need to be ministered to. Can I tell you something? If you're really doing your purpose and you're out ministering and that's your purpose and that's where God's got you positioned, when you need ministering to, you don't have to worry about it because first of all, God will minister to you. And He'll minister to you when nobody else can and He'll send the right people at the right time. What's your purpose today and Monday? You look for people to minister to. That changes your perspective on life. That changes your perspective and your purpose on your job. You don't go to your job. If you keep just going to your job for what you get paid, you're never going to get paid enough. I know somebody that'll get paid a hundred thousand dollars a month and he's broke and he had to file bankruptcy and he's not happy. And I said, precious Jesus, you're stupid. I told y'all I'm not a good counselor. Let me tell you how stupid. True story. True story. Now stupid's just stupid. You can't help stupid. Broke, IRS has got a lien, lost his wife. I said, well, sell all your assets, man. You make a hundred thousand dollars a month. You got so many assets. Just sell it. Pay her all. Pay tax off. And I don't have anything. You know what stupid is? When you repeat the same mistake over and over and over and over and over. That's called stupid. Not happy. So you see, when you don't know your purpose and you don't know where you're there. See, how positioned in a purpose for a ministry and didn't live it out. Lived for self. God humbled. Humbled is hard sometimes.

James Greer (22:52):
You got to learn the difference between divine encounters, man, and devilish disruptions. The devil try to disrupt you and keep you from having a divine encounter. Sometimes a devilish disruption can be your best friend just keeping on and on and on, taking up your time and your energy where you can't do something else God's called you to. You gotta understand what Jesus understood. Y'all understand, we ain't got to the message yet. This is the message. This is the summary. You do understand that Jesus understood His purpose and Jesus' purpose is your purpose and it's my purpose. Jesus' purpose was to serve, to seek, and to save. Your purpose is to serve, to seek, and to save. Your purpose is to what? To serve, to seek, and to save. And why it's so important, it's only when you understand fully what your purpose is, you now can handle persecution, you can now handle pain, and you can handle praise correctly. Not before. When you don't understand your purpose, you don't know how to handle pain. You don't know how to handle persecution. Somebody says something to you, you get all your feelings all hurt. You get to be a big baby. I get home. Mommy, I can't believe somebody said something to me. Well, they're gonna say something to you. Matter of fact, I believe when you're really doing what God's called you to do, somebody's gonna say something about you. Amen?

James Greer (24:17):
I mean my goodness, y'all do know, y'all do understand in the New Testament, all the disciples were killed. Uh-oh. All the prosperity theology preachers. Matter of fact, sometimes when I got beat up and thrown in jail and thrown out of town, they praised God for it. We've gotten so far away from the gospel, we wouldn't know it if we got hit with it. You got to understand your purpose. You got to understand you're where you're at on purpose, you're positioned there and God has a plan for you there. You got to understand you're to serve and to seek and to save people. You got to understand if you're getting persecuted, there's a purpose for it and it's to seek and to save. What'd Jesus do after they persecuted him? They put him on the cross. What did He say? Father, forgive them. How in the world could you forgive them? I'd say, Father, you got the power. Call down fire from Heaven and kill them sorry suckers. Send them to hell where they belong. No, no. Jesus wanted them suckers saved and going to Heaven. Do you know when you're really right with God, you can forgive somebody before they ever ask. In fact, if you can't forgive somebody before they ask, you're not right with God. Because you don't understand what your purpose is. You think you want to get even with them. God is a just God. Vengeance is God's. It's not yours sayeth the Lord. Amen, Brother James. Preach it, brother.

James Greer (25:51):
Boy, when I give the invitation today, we're going to have an alter full, brother. I might have to go first though. Okay. Sorry. Remember this. God wants you to clearly understand before this message and this series is over, you live out your purpose by doing good works. How do you live out your purpose? By doing good works. Amen? You understand that? We explained what good works are three Sundays in a row. I had a brochure written. It took me a month. And this is so simple. You cannot go home and say you don't know what it is. It's in your bulletin today. You can open it. One of your second points is good works. Now it doesn't have the scripture. You can go outside and get it. You can download it. You can do it. See, you know what? Until you know what it is, sometimes you're not held accountable. But Journey Church, you know what it is. Matter of fact, Ephesians tells us, Ephesians 2:10. It tells you to live out your life on purpose with a purpose. And that purpose is good works. For we're in Christ. If you're a Christian for, we are God's own handiwork, workmanship. You are created in Christ Jesus. You're born again. Why? That we may do what? Good works. That we might do what? Say good works. Good works. Which God predestined. He planned beforehand for us, you know, taking the path which He prepared ahead of time. Why? That we should walk in them. Why? He wants us to live the good life. God has the good life for us. A good life. Don't you want the good life? Say amen. He prepared it for you. He's made it ready for you. He wants you to live it out. What does He wants you to do? Live out the good life that He's prearranged. God's plan, God's purpose is for you to live out your life in good work, where you'll have a joy and a peace that surpasses all understanding.

James Greer (27:57):
He tells us. He tells us, well done, thy good and faithful servant. You've been faithful in a few things. Make you ruler over many. Enter into the joy of the Lord. You do understand what the good works are, right? They're in the brochure. They're in the outline. There's a brochure in the back. Not only does He want to give us good works, not only does He want to give us gifts, not only does He want to give us talent, He wants us to take them and multiply them. What's your mindset anyway? Is your mindset I simply maintain where I'm at or I'm a multiplier? Have you come to the point where I'm just going to maintain? I'm just going to barely get by. What a life. You'll maintain or multiply. God wants you to be a multiplier. In fact, in 1 Corinthians 4:1 and 2, it says this. Oh, we got to rock. I'm gonna do a lot of paraphrasing for the next five minutes. Y'all gotta stay tuned. Okay? All right. Let a man so account for us as of the ministries of Christ, as stewards of the mysteries. I love that. God said, listen, I want you to be a steward of the mysteries in 1 Corinthians 4:1. Guess what the mysteries are? The mysteries are the secrets of purpose of God for your life. It's no longer a secret. We exposed the secrets of God to you. Moreover, it's required of stewards that you be found faithful. You know, God says you're to be good stewards of what I've given you, to be faithful. If I said, hey, you're to be faithful, you'd say, I'm going to be dependable, I'm gonna be loyal, I'm gonna be trustworthy. But God also has another word for it. He says in Matthew 25:23. He said, and the Lord said to them, well done, they good and faithful servant.

James Greer (29:51):
You've been faithful over a few things. I'll make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of the Lord. Let me tell you something. God doesn't come out and use the word but multiplies it. He used the word multiplication. He implies that's the word faithful. When you're faithful, you're multiplying what God has given you. So my question is not only do you know your purpose, are you multiplying what God's given you? Because if you don't, you need to be careful because God gave some two, some five, some 10. I don't have time to preach. One to two, one to five, one to 10, every one of them, they doubled it. And he said, well done, thy good and faithful servant. enter in the joy of the Lord. But there was one that only got one. He only got one. And in Matthew 25:24, it says, and the one that had one talent, he just got one talent. You know what he came to the Lord and he said? Oh Lord, I knew that you were a hard man. You reap where you haven't sown. You gather where you haven't sown. I was afraid. I went and I hid it in the earth. He didn't multiply it.

James Greer (31:01):
He didn't steal it. He just didn't multiply. He didn't use what God had given him. See, our view of God greatly determines how you minister for God. Our view of God greatly determines how we serve. God said, you lazy servant. You knew that I gather where I haven't sown. You ought to at least put the money in the bank. You should have at least multiplied something with it. He said, take it from him and give it to one that had 10. Later on, He said, let me tell you what. You take him and you throw him into outer darkness. He said, listen, you multiply it. You use it or you lose it. See, money in ministry can bring joy or money in ministry can bring miserable. Are you faithfully multiplying what you have? The very essence, you were born to be a multiplier. God gave you a desire to multiply. In the very beginning in Genesis 1:28, God said, God blessed you and me. And He said, be fruitful and what? Multiply. And then He said, subdue the whole earth. Be victorious while you're doing it.

James Greer (32:17):
Man, God's got a plan. He's got a purpose for your life. You got to change your mindset. Joy partly is a result of multiplying your God-given gifts. I don't have time to finish. But I'm going to tell you, there ain't no way that you can leave here today without understanding that you're positioned with a purpose and understanding what your purpose is. It's first of all, you got to think right now is your mindset. Is my mindset got the point I just maintain, I'm just going to get by? I'm just going to come to church and go home. I'm just going to get by. Look at me now. Look at my age. I'm 68. Oh, I'm fixing to be 69 or 70, 80, 10, 2016, 20. I mean get a life. I come to church just to maintain you. Come to church to help multiply the church. Amen? You don't go to work just to get a job and just get a paycheck. You go to work and multiply at work. You go to work today. If you want to multiply, work hard and be the best person to work, make more money at work. Amen? Then you can give more to God's work. He don't care. Amen? But don't go to work and just be a miser. Use it to minister. I like that. Are you a miser or are you a minister? Write that down, Joy. We'll use that.

James Greer (33:45):
Well, which are you? What's God calling you to multiply? Your class? Sure. At work? Sure. Multiply your work where you can give more to God's work. Some of you, that should be your ministry. You should be ministering to everybody at work and He's calling you to multiply it but He's only calling you to multiply it if you minister, minister at work, minister with what you get paid, your talents. I know people that used to could barely sing. I won't call some of their names because some of them are up here today. But they used to could barely sing. And now my God, they're singing and it shocks me. I look at them and say, I can't believe God can do miracles with some people. It's because they used what God had given them and God gave them more. Maybe it's your money. I'm just going to maintain. I'm just going to maintain. Why don't you multiply your money? There's a thought. Amen? But don't be a miser with it. Good works. Why don't you just start looking at all the good works you can do? You're positioned where you are on purpose. Are you just lazy? Are you lazy? You know what God calls a lazy servant? Said, you're just lazy. I'm going to take what you have and I'm going to give it to somebody else. Matter of fact, if I had time to preach the whole thing, He went to the fig tree and it had no fruit and fruit just withered away. And you're just withering away.

James Greer (35:15):
You know what I'd really like? I'd like to see every single person and we should today leave here justified like you have never sinned. Just simply say, God, I am not where I should be. I haven't been serving like I should be. I want to confess my sins to you, God. I want to start getting right with you. I've been too prideful, God. I want to rededicate my life, God. I want you to forgive everybody that I've ever offended, everybody's that offended me. I'm going to get right. I'm going to go, I'm going to leave, God, today just as I had never sinned. That's what I want today. Wouldn't that be something? What if we had a church today and everybody here left justified? That's what I believe. That's what I want. Stand and let me pray for you. God, I just thank you, God. You're just so wonderful. Burdens can be good. Burdens can lead to blessings. God, I pray for every single person here, I can tell you, they're not here today by accident. Oh no. You had them positioned on purpose for a purpose and it's for this message. Whether they're online, downstairs, upstairs, God, I pray that you would burden hearts unbelievably heavy through the Holy Spirit for the right reason. God, I want everybody to find their purpose. I want them to understand they've got to live out their purpose now. The success in Heaven is what we do here on earth, not afterwards. Can't change it then. I pray that if there's somebody here, not sure they're going to Heaven, if they think they might go to hell, today would be the day that they change it forever and ever. Maybe they want to join the church. Maybe they want to follow through in baptism.

James Greer (37:00):
If you want to join the church, you can come to the front or you can take your next step card, write on it, and you can bring it to the front or you can leave it in the back. Don't leave here today. God's called you, this be part of your family, hey, that's your next step. Maybe you haven't been living out your purpose and you know it and you're not going to be like that Pharisees. You're tired of saying, hey, thank God, I'm not like those other people. Oh, I got it together. I'm not messed up like them. Yeah, you are. You got sins in your life. Other people might not know it but you know it. The Holy Spirit's convicting you of it right now. You're going to come and you're going to confess it. You're going to get right with God. You want to leave justified, clean, fresh, joy, happy. You can have somebody pray with. You can just come to the altar. Just go. You're a priest. You can go straight to God. Man, don't go straight home though. I pray nobody goes home like they came. I pray, God, that you would convict hearts today, God, like never before. Let us leave here, God, with true greatness. True greatness comes with humility, with servanthood. God, we'll truly give you the honor and the glory and the praise for it. It's in your name we pray. Amen.

Bruce Goulart (38:27):
On behalf of Brother James, I just want to say thank you for joining our online experience today. Now that was the last week for Born for Greatness. And wasn't this series just amazing? Now, if you need someone to pray with you right now, we have people on standby that are willing to pray with you. So there's a link down the description or in the comments section that you can click on and fill out and someone will get with you right away. Also, next week is our Mother's Day services. So we just want y'all to join us next week. Thank y'all.

Recorded in Pineville, Louisiana.
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