Raising an Army | Recap

Understanding That God Calls Us To Be Spiritual Warriors

Darrell Ingram
Nov 28, 2021    43m
To be in God's army, we must be spiritual warriors. He calls us to be strong and of good courage. We must be generous and have hospitality. We must embody the qualities of a soldier in God's army. We must live a life that is pleasing to God and obey Him. Video recorded at Pineville, Louisiana.

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Darrell Ingram: [00:00:31] Wow. Hey, give it up for our praise team right there. Wow. He's never going to let us down. Isn't He good? Isn't God good? Hey, Bruce is up here. He's got some things to share with you first. Hey, you know, at Journey, we believe the most satisfied people are the ones that what? We get to serve. So we're asking people if you would serve during our journey to the lights. And there's a QR code up there. You could scan it up there. You can go right there on your bulletin. You can scan it. We want you to sign up and just serve because we're going to not only reach the local areas, but we're going to reach the outskirts. We're going to reach other parishes are going to be coming in to this light show. And it's the time for us as Journey Church to share the love of Christ with each and everyone that comes through. By the way, Pastor James just texted me a minute ago. As you noticed, he's not here. He's just feeling a little bit under the weather. But y'all pray for him. He did text me and said Carla had her liver replaced or transplant, and she's doing mighty well. So y'all remember to keep praying for her and especially pray for our pastor that he gets well and gets back up on his feet. Bruce, go ahead.

Bruce Goulart: [00:01:37] We have been doing something amazing here and it is called Pastor's Blogs. So can I get that QR code up there real quick? So if you look at JamesWGreer.com. And you know, this is a way to get free resources right now. And y'all, we made it easy. As we saw earlier where there was a QR code that if you just scan that QR code, it brings you right to a website. Well, same thing here. If you scan that QR code, like if you take your phone out right now and open up your camera app, it will take you to that website right away. So can I get my camera showing up a little bit right there? Hopefully, it didn't just get it. Look, you see my camera, everybody. Y'all can wave at yourself. Yeah. See, everybody is up there waving. And so if you just come to the QR code just like this, see, it got it this time. Last service, we kind of struggle with there for that one. And if you come, you can look at this right here. And it automatically is going to bring you up to the video. Now this video is going to be Life is a journey. And it's going to basically go through how to salvation. It's going go to the plan of salvation. And so it's just an amazing video Just to watch and something that you can also share with other people right away. If you don't know how to lead someone to the Lord, if you don't know the ins and outs of things, just sending them this website is something that will be amazing for you to do. But what's great about it, Pastor Darrell, what is something that you feel like the church is struggling with right now?

Darrell Ingram: [00:02:53] I think one of the things that's on Pastor James' heart is because people are broken in our community and broken in our country. And one of the things that's really precious to his heart are our broken marriages. So it'd be marriages.

Bruce Goulart: [00:03:02] Can I get my phone back up there? Thank you. All right. So marriages, let's see if I can spell marriage right. Hang on. I might need some help here. Oh, there you go. So it gives you the little suggestions thankfully. Let's search it. And so it's automatically going to send you to different blogs that Pastor James has written for marriages. And so like, if you're struggling with marriage or if you're struggling with hope or depression, you just type in that key word and it's going to bring up multiple different blogs that you can go to and you can see it. Now, what's great about it is if you go into it, it'll bring you to the actual blog itself. And what's great about this blog right here is if you type your number in there, you type your name and you fill this out, it is going to send you a message every single day for you to be able to go to the blog every single day. That way you never forget. I know I'm a forgetful person. Brother Darrell, are you a forgetful person? You wake up at four o'clock in the morning. You're not a forgetful person. But I'm a very forgetful person. So just by getting that message just helps me be able to stay in line with the blog and stuff. And so it is super easy. You can actually even send this website to somebody or even sign them up. You can get their number and sign them up for them, and they will start getting that message for this blog. And y'all, it's going to be able to help. Tons of marriages are going to be helped, tons of people and stuff. And it's all free. All of it is free.

Darrell Ingram: [00:04:18] Whatever you're going through or whatever you have a person going through, maybe someone's going through suicide and you want to send them something on suicide to help them to overcome. Abortion, broken families, whatever it may be. Maybe a child is kind of being kind of naughtier and you want to give him a lump of coal. You can type that up and you can give them something to help them. Listen, on the back in the kiosk back there in the back, we do have these. We're asking everybody that would like to, to take one and just set it on your desk at work or place of business. And people can walk up and they can scan that and they can get that information immediately. So you know, the thing or the heart of our pastor is to get people resources. I mean, he says, resource the out of them. And so we want to resource the heck out of them. We want to give them the resources. Pastor wants to make sure it's in their hands so that they can grow closer to the Lord and overcome certain things in their life. Listen, I do want to thank Pastor James for allowing me to come and to preach his word. You know, it's like what he says. You get to preach. I get to preach. I got to find out late last night that Pastor wasn't feeling well, but I got to preach or get to preach his message.

Darrell Ingram: [00:05:26] And then he went ahead and sent me early this morning around 4:30, 5:00, he said, I was already up, and he sent me, Hey, by the way, you're going to preach the first service. I may be back. I may be there for the second and third service. He texted me again. He said, by the way, you're going to preach the second service. And a few minutes later, he texts me as I was walking in, you're going to go ahead and preach the third service. So thanks, Pastor. I get to preach and I'm excited about it and I'm preaching his message too. You know, he's not feeling well so y'all keep praying for him. He's been preaching through a series of Raising an Army, Raising an Army. And you need to understand that this series or these series of sermons, they build on one another. And the key verse that he's been pointing out is Joshua 1:9. It says, Have I not commanded you? Oh, that's powerful. Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage. Do not be afraid nor dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. I don't think it's a suggestion that God is telling us this. He's not suggesting us to be of good courage. He's not saying, Hey, y'all might want to be of good courage.

Darrell Ingram: [00:06:32] It's a command. And when it's a command, God says, if you follow this command, then I'll be with you and you can be of good courage. You can be strong. No matter what comes at you, you'll have the courage, you'll have the strength to overcome it. There are many Christians today that are walking around in defeat. Many Christians are walking around, they're afraid to take the next step and they're wondering what's going to happen. They're wondering what's going to happen to them tomorrow or the next minute or the next day or the next year. Oh, am I going to be successful? Is my business and my marriage? Man, God says, Have I not told you to be of good courage? He's saying, be of good courage. And I don't think it's time for, I think it's time for Christians right now to start being of good courage, to start standing up. It says for the Son of Man came to seek and to save that which was lost. He came on purpose for a purpose and His purpose was to reconcile each and every one of us to God the Father. So he had a purpose coming in and God has a purpose for you and for me. The Bible tells us in Mark 10:45, it says even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve and to give a ransom for many. He gave His life up willingly.

Darrell Ingram: [00:07:56] Man, listen, it wasn't that He was weak. He said, I'm going to do it. I'm going to do it because I love you. I'm going to do it because I care for you. I'm going to do it because you need to be reconciled to the Father. I am going to do it. God is not weak. God is a man of war. And the Bible tells us in Exodus 15:3, it says the Lord is a man of war, the Lord is His name. And its capital LORD means He's the Lord of Lords and the Host of Hosts. The Lord is a warrior, not a wimp, like much of the media is trying to show us today or trying to portray Him today. But I know this. That at the end, every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Listen, everybody one day is going to have to bow down and give homage to Him because He is the God Almighty. One day He's looking for warriors, He's not looking for WIMPs. He's looking for us to stand up and to step out and to fight. Don't you think it's time for Christians to stand up and step out? Do you know what God has called us to do, what our purpose here on Earth is? Pastor James tells us over and over and over again. It's to seek and to save those who are lost.

Darrell Ingram: [00:09:26] How many people have you told about Jesus this week? How many lost people have you come in contact with this week? How many people that are hurting have you come in contact with and you helped them? How many people were at the hospital and you went and visited them? How many people were in the prison and you went and visited them and you fed them? How many? How many people have you loved? How many people have you encouraged? God has called us to seek and to save those who are lost. Those are even saints that are lost, to bring them back to the grace of God. You see, even when we're bad, when we rebuild, God is good and He's good all the time. God is good to us. He's good to us if we are His children and even if we're bad. We may not get to enjoy it. We may not get to enjoy the blessings. But God's children, here, God's children, they were wandering around for 40 years, weren't they? Y'all remember that little story in the Bible about how they were wondering? They were wondering because of their rebellion. They were wondering because God sent them over something, something that could have took 40 days is now taking 40 years. They could have walked over into the Promised Land like that.

Darrell Ingram: [00:10:46] In 40 days, they could have overtook the Promised Land. But even in their rebellion, even in their badness, God was still providing for them. He provided shoes. He provided clothes. He provided food. He provided the cloud to cover them during the day to keep them from burning up. God is good even when we're bad. God is good and He's good all the time. This caused me as I was reading this passage, and it caused me as I was reading through this message, I was wondering why they're wandering. I was wondering why they were wandering. You see, they were wandering 40 years. I'm not so bright, but I know after a week, after a month, after a year even, I think my mind would have said, Darrell, you're in the world hurt here. You're suffering. God's still blessing. But you can get more of the blessing if you just turn it back over to God. You quit, I think I would have quit rebelling. But for 40 years, they kept on questioning God. Forty years they kept on rebelling, and for 40 years, they kept on wandering around in the wilderness. There are so many Christians today that are wandering around in the wilderness because we're not willing to give it up. We're not willing to give it up to the Lord. We're not willing to say, Lord, you take control. I know we are brighter than that. I know many are brighter than me. So it's time to wake up and it's time to quit wandering around.

Darrell Ingram: [00:12:16] Don't you get tired of wandering around, looking for a blessing, looking for somewhere, looking for hope, looking for peace, looking for joy? Then quit wandering and stop because the blessing's right in front of you and it's in the name of Jesus Christ. All you got to do is stop and let Him bless you. Stop and start behaving correctly. Even though your behavior was bad, God is still going to be good. Listen, when my children, they're grown up now, and even if they're bad, I still love them. I still love them. When they were children, when I went to go spank them, I still loved them. They were still under my protection. They were still under my umbrella. I still provided for them. They still had a roof over their head. They still had clothes on their bodies. They still had what they needed. Now I am so glad and so thankful that God takes care of our every need because what I would be looking at today is I would be looking at a lot of people with no clothes and I don't want to see that. And you definitely don't want to see me without clothes. But God provides and God takes care. You know? And He's still good. And when we rebel, we just don't get to enjoy it. And God wants us to enjoy it when our behavior is right.

Darrell Ingram: [00:13:38] Our purpose is right. God is good and we get to enjoy it. And that's what's good about God. The children Israel went from wandering in the wilderness to fighting and claiming, to fighting and claiming, to fighting and claiming, to fighting and claiming. They were right with God. They got right with God, and God was sending them in and they were having to fight and claim the Promised Land. It doesn't mean when you're right with God that there will never be a battle. The fight is always there. The fight is always going to be there. You just got to keep on keeping on. You got to keep on going one step after the other, one step after the other, and trust that God will get you through it. No matter what, God is there. He is a god of promises. He's a god that wants fight your battle. He was a god that wants to take you into the Promised Land so you can claim that land filled with milk and honey in your life. He is the one that will do it. He is the only one that can do it, and He wants to do it. That's what's amazing. Oh, they went from not enjoying what God was doing to enjoying what God was doing in their lives. Man, I so want you to know the truth.

Darrell Ingram: [00:15:03] The truth that Pastor James and I want you to learn this morning is God is good, even if you're bad. But when you're good and you're right with God, you'll enjoy it. And a lot of times people don't enjoy it because of their behavior. So how is your behavior? Hmm. How are you acting? How are you acting in life? What's your behavior with God? Are you running from God? Are you running against God? How is your behavior? Stop fighting against God and start fighting with God. Start running with Him, not against Him. Start going His direction, not your direction. And when we start, when we get in the right behavior, we find the purpose of God and the purpose of God is when we grow in our heart a generosity, a heart of generosity. It's when God begins to pour that generous God. There's a principle that God lives by and God gives to us. He lives by generosity. God is a god of generous giving. His principle is generosity. And when we have a generous heart, you and I are most like God. How generous have you been? How generous have you been? You see, the Bible tells us in John 3:16, it says, for God so loved the world. Oh, I love that. You know, that's an easy verse that we all learn. And we learned it at a young age, and all our children probably can quote that.

Darrell Ingram: [00:16:28] And we can all probably quote that. For God so loved the world. But we really don't understand what it's really saying. It's saying, no matter what you have done, Darrell, I still love you. I still love you. See, so He still loves you, no matter what we have done, no matter what you're going to do. God still loves us. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believed in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. God is beyond generous. He's beyond generous. For God did not send His son to the world to condemn the world, but the world through Him might be safe in spite of who we are. In spite of who we are, in spite of what we have done, God loved us, and He gave His son for each and every one of us. Love, the love of God motivates God's generosity. He loves us so much that He's motivated to give us, He's motivated to bless us, He's motivated to give us generously. So generous in your giving and in your forgiving can truly bless you. You see, we are most like God when we're giving and when we're forgiving, forgiving those who have hurt us, forgiving someone. You probably walked in today and someone didn't say hi to you. Oh, that sorry sucker, I didn't say hi to you. I was sneaking in the back because I was already preaching.

Darrell Ingram: [00:17:53] I was ringing wet in the back. But hey, how y'all doing? But he didn't say it earlier. He didn't say it earlier. How dare that person? How dare she not say hi to somebody? How dare? How dare, Steve, you not say hi to somebody? Oh, we are most like God when we love and we forgive. So start forgiving. Forgive those who have hurt you, forgive others for when they step on you and they drop all over you and they don't say hi. Just start forgiving. Generosity brings prosperity. Listen, Pastor James wants all the people of Journey to be prosperous. He wants all of Journey to be prosperous in health and wealth and wisdom. In Proverbs 11, it says this. Generosity brings prosperity, but withholding from charity brings poverty. Those who live to bless others have blessings heaped upon them, and the one who pours out his life to pour out blessings will be saturated with His. I love that. Look at that last word. Is it on there? With His favor. With His favor. You want God's favor? You want God's favor? Pastor James is right in another devotion, and it's about the favor of God. I don't know when it's going to be out, but I asked him if he would do it for 365 days. Do a devotion that long. That's because we all need the favor of God. I need the favor of God.

Darrell Ingram: [00:19:24] Don't you want the favor of God? Don't you want? How do you get the favor of God? When you begin to bless others. You become like Christ in giving of yourselves, and He begins to bless you and you begin to gain His favor. God is generous with it too. He is generous with it. I love that. I love, when Pastor showed me this message and he put it down. And God is generous with it. I said, wow, with it. It is a big word here. He's generous with it. If you don't have friends, then you need to be a friend. If you're not loved and you need to be loved, then you need to love somebody. If your family is breaking up, then you need to get together with them and start loving them even more. But you know what? I'm so sad. Then be happy. And watch what God can do to you. Quit hanging around the negative people and start hanging around positive people so you can start blessing the negative people because of the positive people that are blessing you. Y'all got that? So quit hanging around those that bring you down, those that are walking around all sad face and sour puss. Just start praising God because God is the god of generosity. What does generosity mean? It's readiness in giving, readiness in giving. Are you ready to give? Are you ready to give? Oh, I don't know.

Darrell Ingram: [00:20:47] Oh me? Oh no. Are y'all ready to give? Huh? Are y'all ready to give really? What are you ready to give? What are you ready to give? Are you ready to give your love? Are you ready to give your time? Are you ready to give to the Lord? You see, I sometimes get caught up in this situation is, oh man, I'm tired and I got to get home. I don't want to give up my time. I'm going to be up here two nights. I think we could be up here one night to serve the Lord. We get to serve. There's nothing wrong with that. So sign up and let's get to serve. You know, what does generosity mean? It means you're ready to give, to give of yourself. Also freedom, freedom from meanness and selfishness. Hmm. Can I be real with you? Can I? Amen? Oh me. Just real at this moment. Yes. Mrs. Shirley, I can be real? Amen. Okay. I'm going to be real. Why are there so many Christians walking around with sad faces and mean? Hmm. Why there are so many Christians walking around mean and selfish? Why are so many Christians that I see? I asked someone this morning, how are you doing? Well, I don't know. It's just been a hard. Man, you in the House of God. Man, praise Him. You're alive. You're walking.

Darrell Ingram: [00:22:12] You got clothes on, and thank God he had clothes on because I didn't want to see him naked. I said, Praise God. Oh, but I don't know. This, that, and the other. But you know, if you didn't have it, it wouldn't happen. And if you have it, you've got to give it. And if you give it, then it'll be blessed. So give and let God bless you. God will give us things back. You get away from the misery, get away from the meanness, get away from the selfishness. God is not mean and He's not selfish. He is free and giving. Jesus had a method of evangelism, and it's seldom preached on. It's the method of hospitality. We need to be hospitable. We need to have hospitality in our lives. In Luke 7:34, it says the Son of Man has come eating and drinking. And you say, look at a glutton and a winebibber, a friend of the tax collectors and sinners. Let's look at Him. He's just out there with the drunkards. He's out there trying. I would rather go in the house of a sinner than a miserable, mean, selfish Christian because I can at least tell them about Jesus and they'll change. Man, I've been, oh, I'm telling you. I think when Pastor wrote this, he was talking to me. I'm telling you. The Lord went bam, whip me right in the eye. I might have a black eye later on, both black eyes because Lord just hit me so strong with this.

Darrell Ingram: [00:23:40] Man, I need to quit being so mean when children aggravate me. I need to quit being grouchy. And I teach. I have a lot of kids that come through me. I mean, thousands of kids. And after a while, thousands of kids get on your nerves and thousands of kids you want to just and be mean to. And God said, I'm not mean to you when you're that way. Hmm. So I need to change my stinking thinking into thinking something different, into God's thinking. And when those kids begin to get on my nerves, I begin to pray for them and love on them and let God change them and allow God to work through me. You see, I need to turn those kids, those strangers into friends. And when I turn them into friends, then I can really, really help them. You know, hospitality is a friendly reception and treatment of those who are strangers. And when I begin to have that, when I begin to do that, then I become more like Christ. You see, Jesus' main method of evangelism was turning strangers into friends. You know, you offer to identify with the outsiders and make them feel inside. I'm so amazed when I call people every Monday because we get so many guests and visitors here. I'm so excited on how Journey Church acts with people coming in.

Darrell Ingram: [00:25:12] They say, man, I call. I say, hey, I'm calling on behalf of Pastor James. This is Pastor Darrell. Oh man, the church was so amazing. They welcomed me and it feels like family. I love it. Y'all had so much hospitality. Y'all so much loved us. We love it. We're coming back. That's the way a church needs to be. Yes? Man, I'm so thankful for it. I'm so thankful that I hear those things every Monday when I call people that, Oh, y'all are such a great church. You make me feel like I'm at home, even though I came from Puerto Rico or Timbuktu. Man, when I'm back in town, I'm going to come back and see you. Oh, okay, come on. You offer to identify with them and bring them in and love on them and be there for them. In Ephesians 2:12 through 13, it says, that at the time that they were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope. When we were apart from Christ, we had no hope. We were aliens, we were strangers, and we were without God. It says without God in the world. You and I apart from Jesus Christ were without God. We had no hope. We were strangers to the Kingdom of God. But then it says this. It says, but now in Christ Jesus, you who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Darrell Ingram: [00:26:36] You and I were brought close by the blood of Jesus Christ. It's because He laid down His life so that you and I can come close to God? In John, it tells us that greater love no man has for another than to lay his own life down for his friends. If hospitality is turning strangers into friends, then Jesus is the greatest example of hospitality ever. Bar none. You remember Zacchaeus? Zacchaeus climbed in that tree, didn't he? because he was like, he was shorter than me, guys. And I'm a short Mexican. Fat too. But I know I'm short. He was shorter than me. And y'all remember this? It said, Zacchaeus was a wee little man, a wee little. Man, I ought to get up here and praise him and sing that song. Zacchaeus was a wee little man. A wee little man was he. So he climbed up in a sycamore tree to see what he could see. And the Lord stopped him. He said, Zacchaeus, come on down. We're going to the house to eat. Oh man, I may have screwed it up, but I know what it means. God is the god of generosity, and Jesus turns people that are not friends into friends. He turns strangers into friends, and He called Zacchaeus down. The English word, or the English dictionary, defines hospitality as friendly treatment of guests.

Darrell Ingram: [00:27:54] How do you treat people around you? How do you treat strangers around you? How do you treat those that walk in front of you? How do you treat those that maybe, man, I used to get aggravated at people, and Pastor called us out not too long ago when people cut you off. How you wave at them. Pastor and my wife called me out on that. Why don't you listen to Pastor James about that waving at people, Darrell? Yes, ma'am. Lord, forgive me for waving at people in the wrong way. I only wave at them with a couple, maybe one finger or two. But hey, I'm sorry. We're all messed up, right? I mess up, you mess up, we all mess up. And I have messed up. But I know that God takes mess-ups and He turns them into miracles. I know that God takes people that are hurting, and He gives them life. He takes broken people and He makes them whole. I know a God that when I was out on the way, way outskirts, I know a God that saved me and brought me in and got me out of that lifestyle. I know a God that loved me so much that He was willing to give His son just for me. If I was the only one, if you were the only one on Earth, God would have still sent His son to die just for you.

Darrell Ingram: [00:29:13] That's how much God loves you. That's how much God loves you. So we ought to show hospitality. But I love this version that Pastor shared with me. It's in the Weymouth version in the New Testament. It says, it is now for our duty. As Christians, the Bible tells us, it's our duty. As a Christian, it's your duty to show hospitality to such men so that we may be fellow workers in promoting the truth. Who is the truth? Jesus is the truth. He says, I am the way, the truth, and the life. And no one comes to the Father but by me. So if He's the truth and we're to have hospitality and we're to be telling the truth and we're to be bringing people in to be fellow workers so we can all share the truth, then don't you think we ought to at least call it a duty as a Christian to step out and be hospitable to one another? Yes? No? Oh no? Some? It is our duty to show hospitality. It is our duty. One of the ways we promote the truth is by having hospitality. The truth of God, the truth of Jesus, the truth of who He is is we welcome people we love on people, we show them hospitality. Listen, Pastor today wants us to learn, I want us to learn and I want us to look close that God is inviting us to be a part of His army.

Darrell Ingram: [00:30:41] He's inviting us to change. We get to be a part of His army. We get to serve Him. I get to get up here and preach. I am so thankful that Pastor allows me the opportunity to get up here and preach for him by obeying God's command. We can do this by obeying God's command. First, we got to obey what God has called us to do. It says, have I not commanded you? Man, that is so powerful. I think that's something you need to hold in your heart. I think that's something you need to bring up every day in your life because I know that we walk around and we have people trying to feed us. I know that we walk around and we try to get down in the dumps. But God says, Have I not commanded you? Have I not commanded you to be strong and be of good courage, do not be afraid or dismayed. Don't just wander. Oh, don't be. Be of good courage. Be strong. God says, be that. And watch what happens. Because God, the Lord. And there it is. Capital LORD. Your God is with you wherever you go. So every day what you need to do is you need to read and obey this verse. Today I'm going to be strong and of good courage, God, because I'm in your army.

Darrell Ingram: [00:32:01] I'm in God's army. I'm a child of the King. I'm a child of the Savior. I'm delivered. You know, we need to start speaking positive words to people. So we start saying, Hey, guess what? Guess what? You're fearfully and you're wonderfully made. You're a child of the King. You're a child of God. God says, you are valuable. Man, I wish I could've learned this when I was young and I and my children were growing up and they were young. They're older now. But I start doing it now and I start praying. When I pray for them every morning, I say, God, they are valued. They are loved. They are fearfully and wonderfully made. And we need to make sure we encourage our children in that way, that every one of our children are valued, they are loved, and they are encouraged every day. Today, I'm not going to be afraid, Lord. I'm not going to be discouraged because the Lord, the Lord, the authority, the master in control, the lord of all the armies, the powerful one, my God is everywhere I go. We need to claim this and we need to take it with us every day of our lives. Remember that your purpose in life is to seek and to save. That's what those who are what? Lost. How many lost people have you talked to this week? Hmm. If our purpose is to seek and to save people that are lost, I mean, we can't literally save them, but Jesus can, right? But we can seek those people and we can tell them, Hey, let me tell you about Jesus.

Darrell Ingram: [00:33:33] So let me ask the question again. How many people have you led to the Lord this week? I want to ask you that next week. How many people did you lead to, are you thankful for God and for what God has done for you in your life? Hmm. That's just a question. It's a question that I have to ponder in my life. How many people did I tell about Jesus this week? You know, how many people am I bringing to the Kingdom of God? If my purpose is to seek and to save that which is lost, then why haven't I done it more often? Why haven't I had, my word is boldness. Why haven't I been so bold to tell people about Jesus and what He has done in my life and what He can do in their life? Hmm. For the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve and give His life a ransom for many. I think we need to develop a lifestyle of generosity. Generosity is the principle of God. And when we have a generous heart, we are most like God. Remember, for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believed in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Darrell Ingram: [00:34:47] The love of God motivates the generosity of God. When we're generous, it motivates God to love us even more and to give us more things as far as our needs and more abilities to share with people and the opportunity to help people and to give to people. Generous is giving and forgiving. Remember to learn to forgive yourself. A lot of times we walk around and we've messed up and we're not willing to forgive ourselves. And that's what's keeping us from the Promised Land is not forgiving ourselves. And there are so many years in my life that I didn't forgive myself. I didn't forgive people for what they did to me, and I lived a chained-down life even as a Christian and even as a preacher. But when I learned that I needed to give them up and forgive them regardless, and listen, they may not know I needed to forgive them. They may not know that I needed to ask them to forgive me. I remember a sermon that Pastor preached one night or one morning, and it was about forgiveness. And that day I wrote a letter to two people, two former deacons that I knew that we didn't get along in the past. And I asked them to forgive me for not being the pastor that I needed to be for them. So I think we need to step out and we need to be the big Christian and we need to say, Hey, I'm sorry.

Darrell Ingram: [00:36:10] I'm sorry for messing up, and I'm sorry for hurting you. We need to stay away from being mean and selfish and not having a small mind. We need to obey God's command about being hospitable. What is hospitality? Hospitality is friendly reception and treatment of strangers. We need to treat everyone like God would treat them. We need to see people like God sees them. Hospitality turned strangers into friends, turns strangers into friends. And I think when we get to this main method of evangelism that Jesus had of turning strangers into friends, I believe we get closer to Jesus. You offer to identify with the others and make them feel like insiders. I think when we start doing that, we're more like Jesus because Jesus was willing to take every outsider and bring them and make them an insider. Connect with those sinners and connect them to the Savior. Bring saints back to the Savior. Those who are sick, we need to pray that they get healed. We need to lift them up. We need to encourage them. That's why we need to continue to pray for our pastor. We need to pray for Carla and all those that are healing and that are hurt. We need to allow God to work in their life miraculously. We need to lift them up and we lift them up through prayer and through God's Word.

Darrell Ingram: [00:37:29] And Jesus went about Galilee teaching their synagogues, preaching in the gospel of the kingdom and healing all kinds of sickness and all kinds of diseases among the people. Today, whether you're sinner in need of a Savior or you're sick emotionally, spiritually, you see, most people that are sick are sick spiritually. There are more people that are sick spiritually than there are people that are sick physically. And I think it's our duty to show them to the doctor, to Dr. Jesus and let Dr. Jesus heal them. I think it's our responsibility to tell them about what Jesus can do. So where do you need mending today? Hmm. Who do you need to mend with today? Who do you need to forgive? Maybe you need to forgive yourself. Maybe you need to forgive your wife, your children, your friends, your job, whatever it may be, people that have come into your life. Maybe you need to forgive them because they stepped on your toes, and maybe you need to love them even more. Or maybe you need to come to Jesus as your Lord and Savior. You see, if you're not a hundred percent certain you'd go to Heaven when you died, then you're lost and you need Jesus. You need to come in. You need to ask for forgiveness and ask Jesus to save you, to be your Lord and Savior so that when you die, you get to go to Heaven.

Darrell Ingram: [00:38:58] For the last 40 years, I know Pastor has been talking about this wordless book for over 30 years because he taught me when I was a young preacher at the age of 21 how to win people to the Lord. And he told you he'd go to the doors knocking and we used this. Sometimes we got them slammed in our face and sometimes people welcomed us in. And it was a single woman. He told you last week, somebody let us in. It was a lady by herself. I started praying with her. Her husband came in. Pastor James thought he was going to hit me over the head. He started to pray with him. He came to know the Lord. She came to know the Lord, all because the Lord used the opportunity. There's opportunities for you out there every day. There's an opportunity for you today because the Bible tells us today is the day of salvation. Whether you're in here or whether you're online, today is the day of salvation. You need to come to know Jesus as your Lord and Savior. And this is so simple. God created the Heaven and He created Earth. And in the Earth, it was the Garden of Eden, and he put Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Darrell Ingram: [00:39:55] And in the Garden of Eden, He told them, He said, You can do anything. It's amazing that Adam and Eve got to walk and talk with God. Man, you get this experience the very essence of who God is. When I ask Him to show me your glory, you get to see His glory every day in the name of Jesus Christ. So you get to experience the very essence of Jesus Christ if you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior. He told them, He said, you can do anything in this garden but one thing. You don't eat from that tree, which is in the middle. And what did they do? They ate that tree. They rebelled against God, and that brought sin into our lives. And that's what that black represents. It represents sin, and it separates us from God. But here's the amazing thing. God loved you so much that He sent His son, and the Bible tells us that without the shedding of blood, there's no remission of sin. There's no forgiveness. There has to be a sacrifice. And Jesus sacrificed and gave His life. He shed His blood so that you would no longer have sin, but that one day you can be reconciled with God. And when He sees you, when He sees that, when you have that sin, He looks at it through the blood of Jesus Christ and you're white as snow. And when you die, you get to go to Heaven.

Darrell Ingram: [00:41:20] Let me encourage you this morning, if you haven't given your life to Jesus Christ, whether here or online, I'm going to encourage you to give your life to Jesus Christ this morning. You can come this morning. You can write it down on the next step card. You can type it in the comments page online, on Facebook. And we want you to come to know the Lord as your Savior. Would you please stand and let's go to the Lord in prayer? Father, right now, Lord, whatever it is, whatever it may be, Lord, I ask you to be with us to help us encourage us, lift us. Father, I ask you right now if we are apart from you, that you would call on us, that you would burden our heart to reach out to you. Whatever we have in our lives, help us to lay it down at the altar and seek you for guidance and direction. Father, help us show us. Lead us, guide us. And Father, I do ask you to be with our pastor, Lord. Help him to heal, to get well, to get back up on his feet for he is truly our shepherd, Lord, and we ask you to protect him. Father, we ask you to be with Carla, Lord, as she's now healing from a transplant of a liver, Lord, that you would get her back on her feet, Lord. Father, right now, we pray in Jesus' name. Amen.

Bruce Goulart: [00:42:44] On behalf of Pastor James, I just want to say thank you for joining our online experience this morning. Y'all, what an amazing final week of Raising an Army. What an amazing series it was this month of November. And y'all, I cannot wait until December with our new series starting, Journey to the Light. Y'all, this will be an amazing series that we get to experience together all December. And so I just want to say I hope to see y'all next week. But if you need someone to pray with you right now, we have people on standby that are willing to pray with you. There's a link in the description that if you fill out, someone will get with you right away. But again, I hope to see you next week as we start our new series, Journey to the Light.

Recorded in Pineville, Louisiana.
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