Wired For Worship Week 2: The Power of Worship

True worship breaks the chains of guilt and condemnation.

Darrell Ingram
Sep 22, 2019    21m
In this sermon Pastor Darrell talks about the power of true worship. We need to worship in the good times and in the storm. Jesus will comes after the one. So, run to Him. There is a reward at the end and His name is Jesus. Video recorded at Pineville, Louisiana.

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Darrell Ingram: 00:00 Amen. Amen. Hey, are you all ready to get wired for worship? I'm telling you, God is good and he's good all the time. Hey, I do want to thank pastor James and I just thank you for the opportunity for me to be able to stand in the place of his pulpit. I mean, I just want to honor him and thank him. I mean, you know, he's just, he's been good to me. I can tell you that. He's been a good mentor. He's been a good leader, but I just want to thank him and I want to say it's great to be here in Pineville. Usually I'm on the other side of the river, but I want to go ahead and dive into God's word right now. We're going to come out of Mark chapter 5 it says, and when he had come to the boat, immediately a man from the tombs with an unclean spirit met him. And he had his dwelling among the tombs and no one was able to bind him anymore, even with a chain because he had often been bound with shackles and chains and the chains had been torn apart by him. And the shackles broken into pieces and no one was strong enough to subdue him. And constantly night and day among the tombs and in the mountains he was crying out with get gashing himself with stones. And seeing Jesus from a distance. He ran and he bowed down before him and crying out with a loud voice. He said, what do I have to do with you Jesus, son of the most high God? I implore you by God, do not torment me.
Darrell Ingram: 01:10 Let us go to Lord in prayer. Father, I thank you. Oh, I thank you for your goodness. Oh surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. Father it'll follow me because of you. So father, right now, as we open your word Lord, and as we begin to look into your word, Lord, that you would begin to to open our hearts and open our minds and open our ears, Lord. That there's someone here this morning that needs to hear a word from you. Father, they need to come running to you.

Darrell Ingram: 02:01 Father right now, use me a broke vessel. Use me a sinner to glorify you. Father, I thank you for your goodness and I thank you for what you're going to do in our lives today. I want to talk to you about worship that changes everything. And worship that changes everything, it's the kind of worship that shifts the atmosphere. Turn to somebody and say, worship. Oh man, you all are slow. Turn to somebody and say, worship. Amen. But what happens when your worship is hindered by circumstances? How many of you ever, has anyone ever wanted to worship, but somewhere in your mind you keep remembering what you did wrong? Has anyone ever wanted to worship but somehow the enemy keeps bringing it up? What you used to do? And what you used to be? How many times you've messed up? How many times you hick-up? How many times you hit and did something wrong or something, a wrong, and you beat yourself up for it? Has anyone ever been in a place of condemnation? Man, I have. I have.

Darrell Ingram: 02:55 But, let me tell you something. There's a worship that changes everything. Oh, why does it matter? Why does worship matter? Because worship is the one thing that God cannot give him himself. God can do anything. He can do everything. But the one thing God can't do is worship. Because in order to worship, you have to have something higher than yourself. And there was no one higher than the almighty God. He is high and lifted up. So when I lift up my hands and acknowledge God is my King, and it lets all the devils in hell know that they have no authority over me because I'm a child of the King. I'm born again, bought with a price and I'm alive. So, we need to worship. Worship.

Darrell Ingram: 04:09 What do you do in life when life is broken you and you've been held hostage by bad decisions broken by a moment. What do you do when all you can remember are the things that you've done wrong? What do you do when your worship has been muted by your circumstances? You see there's one worship that changes everything. There's a worship that breaks chains. There's a worship that sets you free. There's a sound that breaks you free from guilt and condemnation and bad decisions, but therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.

Darrell Ingram: 04:41 Are you ready to hear a word from God? Are you ready for God to shake you up and change the direction you're going and learn how to truly worship God? Because I am wired. God has wired me to be excited and to worship him. You and I need to learn, but when the world has given up on us, when the world has given up on us, here was a man that's the world had given up on him.

Darrell Ingram: 05:07 Anyone ever been left for dead? Anyone here been sized up? Anyone ever had, had been overlooked, undervalued, underappreciated? Has anyone ever felt totally alone, isolated, not understood even by the closest people around you? It's funny how those that are closest around you don't even see you. Here's a man that everybody else gave up on. No hope, no value, lost in bad decisions. No one was coming to see him. Oh, but little did he know. Oh, but little did he know his life is going to change in an instant. His life is going to change in a moment. His life is going to be turned from upside down to right side up. Here's a man that everybody given all up on the man that you read.

Darrell Ingram: 05:50 The story is so filled with bad decisions, the fruit of bad decisions that he had 1000 inside him. That's a whole lot of wrong. That's a whole lot of, I mess up. You mess up. We all mess up, huh? But listen to this. God wants to take your mess ups, wants to take his mess ups and turn them into miracles so that miracle could be a message and that message could glorify him. That's where it's at.

Darrell Ingram: 06:14 Yes, God is good and he wants to, he wants to just touch you. That's a whole lot of wrong. Jesus came to encourage every believer, but the devil lies and he says that Jesus doesn't love you. He loved you enough before he said, before you said, save me. He already died on the cross for you. Does he love you? Does he love you? He loves you this much. He loves you more than this much. He loves you. This dude lived in a cemetery by himself. The only time people came to see about him was to put more bondage on him. You ever been around people that no matter what you do, no matter what they do, they come and they put this negative stuff on you.

Darrell Ingram: 07:27 Well, it's time to get those people out of your circle. It's time to unfriend them. It's time to delete that contact. It's time to get away from them, because they don't have your best interests in their mind. You need to get around people, who are people of God, who loved God and didn't want to push you towards God, not drive you away from God. People that will fight for you, people that are be there for you, people that are godly and that will be in your circle, that will drive you towards your destiny. And in order to get to your destiny, you need to spend more time in prayer. You need to spend more time in God's word.

Darrell Ingram: 08:15 In other words, turn off the TV. Spend about five minutes with God. If you've got to put God in your life, then do this. Start texting him your prayers. It'd be something else if he texted you back wouldn't it? Oh God. Oh God. You know, I been thinking about you and I'm in a bad place right now. God, I need you. I need you to help me. And if you got a text that, Oh M me, I've been thinking about you too, and there's nothing that can stop you, stop me from loving you. Nothing can stop me. No matter what you do, no matter where you go, no matter how much times you hit the ground, nothing can stop me from loving you.

Darrell Ingram: 08:56 The Bible says in Mark 5, that he came to a region of the Gadarenes. Gadarenes means reward at the end. I want to encourage you this morning. I want to encourage you right now. Some of you haven't seen the fruit of your prayers yet. You haven't seen the fruit of your worship yet. You haven't seen the fruit of making wise decisions yet, but there's a reward at the end. There's a reward at the end of your process. There's a reward at the end of your tears. There's a reward at the end of your struggle and there's a reward with your name on it. He will withhold no good things to those who walk uprightly. Oh, there's a reward coming. Turn to someone and say, my rewards coming.

Darrell Ingram: 09:54 Whoa, but your reward is not things. Your reward is not things. You're awarded the King, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He is your reward. It's not a thing. Your reward is a hallelujah. My reward is the king. And when Jesus comes, everything will worship him. When I am comes, you don't have to ask 40 different things. You just got to say, Jesus. Josh says it all the time. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, come see about me. Jesus, I need you. I'm going to try this. I need thee, Oh, I need thee. Every hour I need thee. Oh bless it be my Savior. I come to thee. Whatever you need is in Jesus. Whatever you need is in Jesus. Wherever you need to go, it's in Jesus. The bible says, that Jesus was on a boat preaching. When he finished preaching, he said to his disciples, let's cross over to the other side.

Darrell Ingram: 11:08 Mark 4 is where we find the story about the wind and the waves obey him, Jesus. A storm came to sink the boat to stop Jesus from getting to the other side, because Jesus was going after the one. You see me and you have been that one before. I've been that one once. You've been that one once. Maybe you haven't been that one once, but Jesus is here and he's coming over to see you. I've been that once. I been that one and I know that Jesus came, but the storm came to seek him. I don't know about you, but this blesses me because Jesus encounters one man.

Darrell Ingram: 11:54 Why wasn't there a thousand? A thousand. Why wasn't there a an attack when there was thousands of people that he preached to when he's preaching to thousands, no storm. But when he crossed the sea and get to the other side, that's when the devil's attacked. Why? Because there's something. There was something about one man, that Jesus didn't see in the crowd. God will leave the crowd to go after the one. He will leave the 99 and find the one.

Darrell Ingram: 12:28 Jesus said, this is a nice revival. Let's cross over to the other side. You know. Then you turn around and you see in the scripture that they find him asleep. He was laying on a pillow and I can imagine at that time if I was a disciple, which I am far from it, I could hear them saying some things. They just started this ministry with Jesus. We had thousands the first night. Ooh, give him $5.00. I'll pay him. Give me a press book. Bam. Man, what do you think is going to happen when we get to the other side? Fifty thousand, sixty thousand, a hundred thousand. Thomas, what you think? I doubt it.

Darrell Ingram: 13:07 Imagine the excitement of the disciples, thinking that it was about the crowd. And as they got closer to the shore, they look out, Jesus, Jesus, we're almost there. We're almost there. You need to, come on, come on, Jesus. You need to get up. There's probably going to be about 50, a hundred thousand people out there. Jesus. We don't see anyone. Jesus, there's no one there. Hey guys, does Jesus know what he's talking about? I don't see anyone, but the closer they get, they see one man.

Darrell Ingram: 13:47 And I know if I was there in that boat with them, I would have turned to Jesus, and I would have said, Jesus, that man is crazy. Let's get on out of here. The bible said when the man who had been in bondage for years. In chains for years, the bible said he lived in the mountains and in the tombs. That means one day he was on the highest of the high, and the next day he was on the lowest of the lows. He would cry out, cut himself with stones. That word stone in scripture is translating in Hebrew as tablet or law. This man was stuck in the cemetery by his own bad decisions, and every time he tried to break free the lord would remind him that he can't get it right.

Darrell Ingram: 14:33 I failed. I blew it. No hope. The law, listen, the law can never save you. It can only point you to the one who can save you. The law can only frustrate you. Your relationship is not rules based. It is on a relationship, but it's confessed based. If you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord, you shall be saved. The law keeps us in bondage. That's why grace, that's why grace had to come across. Oh, grace will cross anything to get to you. Grace will cross anything to get to you. Grace is not a feeling. Grace is a man, and grace came across the wind and the storm for one man.

Darrell Ingram: 15:28 In the bible it said, when that one man noticed him or saw him, he went down. And it said, he bowed and when you bow, in the Bible it says, he bowed. I am going to try to do this. He bowed, and he bowed and he worshiped. He got down and he put his head on the ground and the Bible says, that is worship. So this man came and he worshiped.

Darrell Ingram: 15:52 Immediately the demon spoke out and said, what have this got to do with you Jesus, son of the most high. You see, devils or demons, they can't worship. They can only acknowledge, but they can't worship. Because worship is an act of your will in honor and submission to the father. It wasn't the demons who were worshiping. It was the man who was worshiping.

Darrell Ingram: 16:05 Oh, if you're broke, keep worshiping. If you're struggling, keep worshiping. It doesn't matter how many times you fail, keep worshiping. It doesn't matter how many times you remember what you used to do, keep worshiping, keep praising, keep fighting. Don't give up. If you got one worship bullet left, point it towards Jesus. Say Jesus, come see about me.

Darrell Ingram: 16:41 The bible says, is that one, that man had worshiped and when he worshiped, the demons opened their mouth. Everybody, everybody had given up on this man. Everybody had given up on this man, but something about him was so powerful that it took thousands of demons to hold him down and they still couldn't stop him. Why did thousands of demons attack one man? Because his worship threatened their kingdom, his worship threatened their kingdom. How did he even know who Jesus was? They didn't have phones. They didn't text him. They didn't have all that stuff, fancy stuff that we have at Journey. All of a sudden you get pastor line and all these things come out and you get notices, emails, text messages, all this. He didn't have that. How did he know? It says that he saw Jesus from a far. It means that something was inside of him. With all that brokenness, he still was looking for the answer.

Darrell Ingram: 17:58 Even though I'm in bondage, I know a King is coming. Even though I can't see my way out, I know somebody coming to see about me. From a distance he saw something. Do you understand? There is something about Jesus. There's something about that savior. There's something about that redemption that he brings. There's something about that name, Jesus. There's something about it, that just can help me. It makes you want to lift your hands, and something makes you want to come to church. And it makes you want to praise God. And it makes you want to worship him. And the only thing that matters is Jesus. If you can get to Jesus, he can change you in a moment, in an instant, in a second. He can change you from where you are right now and change you into a better direction and a better person.

Darrell Ingram: 18:44 The Bible says that this man with one worship ran straight to Jesus and as soon as he fell down, the demon said, what do we have to do with you son of the most high God? I don't care how broken you are. I don't care how broken you are. If you see Jesus, run to him. If you see Jesus, get to him. I don't know who I'm talking about or who I'm talking to this morning, but you need to run to Jesus today. And when Jesus finished, the man who was demon possessed was sitting close and in his right mind and all the people in the town were afraid. Why were they afraid? Because some people like you better broken so they can feel better about themselves. Why do people want to keep you down? Why do keep people want to continue to point you in a hopeless, lost direction? Why do people just want to give up? Why do so many churches, when God is doing a work of miraculous work, they are afraid to worship because they don't want to many churches, when God is doing a work of miraculous work, they are afraid to worship because they don't want to change. We're going to keep it the same no matter what. I came to worship. I came to worship.

Darrell Ingram: 20:29 So, I'm not going to let anybody hold me back. I'm not going to let anybody hold me down. I'm not going to let anybody say you're worthless. I'm not going to let anybody say you're no good, you're hopeless, you're helpless. Because I know this. I know this. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Don't let anybody put you down. Don't let anybody get on top of you and smash you down. Don't let anybody give up on you because Jesus is there, and he's crossing over right now. He came. Jesus came to set the captives free. He came to seek and to save those that are all lost, those who are helpless and hopeless. Jesus came for you. Jesus came for me.

Recorded in Pineville, Louisiana.
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